Around Beijing, China : Wangfujing and The Forbidden City (Palace Museum)

My recent trip to Beijing, China was business-related so I wasn't really expecting to be able to visit much of the touristy sites or have as much free time to roam around and to have food trips on my own. It was pretty good actually as it was my first time to travel alone thus I don't feel very comfortable go around such a HUGE province on my own. I happily tagged along with the group wherever our host takes us. That set-up worked perfectly fine for me. At least, the next time I get to go back with Paul, I'll have a better idea on where to go!

beijing china 1
Out of the four days that we were there, our gracious host took the afternoon off on our 3rd day to take us to the Palace Museum, otherwise known as the Forbidden City. This is located right at the center of Beijing and as we were told, everything surrounds the Forbidden City.

We entered through the North Gate where the ticket counter was located. Believe me, the Forbidden City is HUGE! It actually reminds me of the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Korea. It has a main palace at the entrance followed by slightly smaller ones behind and offices lining the sides. It's a good thing, I went prepared with my trusty rubber sneakers as we did a lot of walking that afternoon.

beijing china 5
It's amazing how China has well-preserved this World Heritage Site. Despite the warm weather, the place was pack with tour groups peeking into every single palace and offices in the area.

beijing china 4
I simply enjoyed the intricate details seen on roof...

beijing china 2
or on the huge stone statues scattered around.

beijing china 6
Here I am with my OK! counterparts at the exit gate of the Forbidden City.

beijing china 9
On my last day, I made a quick shopping/eating trip to Wangfujing. This is a huge pedestrian area lined with shopping malls, food stalls and a lot more. Start your journey at the south of Wangfujing where Oriental Plaza mall is located. Make your way in as you see the Wangfujing Bookstore up until you hit the Xin Dong An Plaza and the Wangfujing Catholic Church.

beijing china 10
As you walk further down the street, you'll see the Wangfujing Food Street to your left. It was raining quite hard when I went yet I checked it out for a while until I can feel myself getting extremely soaked wet. Sadly, I forgot to bring an umbrella. Tsk!

beijing china 11
I really enjoyed my short visit to Wangfujing and I'm definitely visiting this again should Paul and I decide to go back to Beijing someday. It's here where I feel most at ease. With shopping and eating as the main activity, I think I just found my favorite spot in Beijing.

It was really a short trip and I have yet to visit the Great Wall of China, the Olympic Stadium and the Water Cube, more temples and palaces. I will definitely be back, Beijing!

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How to get to the Forbidden City: Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Tian An Men Xi or at Tian An Men Dong or take Bus #s 1 or 5 and get off at Qian Men Station.

How to get to Wangfujing: Take Subway Line 1 and get off at the Wangfujing station. 

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