Pico de Loro Cove at Hamilo Coast: Things you can Do!

Here are 5 FUN things you can do during your weekend getaway at Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast!

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First: Head over to the Beach Club to enjoy the sun, sand and water! We got there late in the afternoon to enjoy the cool wind while waiting for the sun to set. During weekends, expect to see a lot of families relaxing by the beach and around the pool area too.

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I also checked out the Sun Coral Cafe which had a Mediterranean buffet that evening. Since Mom wasn't a big fan of burritos and tacos, we skipped this and headed to the Country Club instead.

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As we enjoyed the sunset, my family and I had some drinks and snack while bonding. I ordered the homemade Prociutto and Arugula Pizza which has a very thin-crust and they were very generous with the arugula. However, I find the pizza to be a bit on the bland side so I added a few drops of hot sauce to perked up the taste.

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While dad had his beer and mommy her Buko juice, Pan and I had our Mojitos! I loved this! It was very refreshing and definitely a great drink to enjoy at the beach. I highly recommend this.

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Second: Aside from the Sun Coral Cafe, check out Lagoa at the Country Club. We tried their Filipino Buffet for dinner and I find the food to be satisfactory. Sadly, nothing in the buffet spread really wow-ed me. However, I did enjoyed the Halo-Halo section where I was able to customize my own glass of halo-halo with lots of beans, nata de coco, leche flan and ube! Yum! :)

pico de loro batangas
Third: Play a game of bowling or sharpen your billiard skills at the B&B. Families with small kids can check out the Club Pico which is an indoor playground for the little ones. There are even KTV and Game Rooms where you can rent a Wii console or challenge one another to a game of tennis. There's really a lot of things you can do just at the Country Club..one whole day should be allotted here.

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Fourth: Go for a swim or just take a relaxing dip at the multi-level outdoor pool. I really was hoping to get a tan but sadly I went home with slightly pinkish skin that immediately faded back to my normal skin tone  the following day. *sigh* So much for my dreams to get a tan.

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Fifth: Eat, eat, eat! There are a total of 6 dining venues scattered around Pico de Loro Cove! Breakfast for Pico Sands Hotel guests may be availed at the Hotel Cafe where you can enjoy a Filipino Breakfast fare.

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What I didn't like though was that the staff was obviously undermanned as it took us forever to have our table cleared and to ask for additional utensils. Weekend breakfasts can be a riot with a lot of hotel occupants filling up the cafe and the bar adjacent to it. Viands easily running out and it takes a while for this to be replenished. To be honest though, I enjoyed the breakfast despite the chaos compared to the ones that I had in Korea and Beijing. Nothing beats a plate of garlic fried rice, creamy scrambled egg, longganisa and meatloaf to start up your day.

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I ended my breakfast with a plate filled with sweet ripe pineapple slices. Yummy! :) 

There are a million and one things you can do at Pico de Loro Cove. In true SM fashion, there really is something for everyone there. For me, I would love to go back to be able to have a longer relaxing getaway next time.

Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast is located at Nasugbu, Batangas. For inquiries call the Club Membership Admin Office at 8570100 local 1232.
Click here to know How to Get to Pico de Loro.

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