Starbucks Coffee's Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccin

After weeks of consecutive weekend getaways, Paul and I found some downtime this weekend where we were able to wake up later than usual, have longer meals with the family and go out to watch a movie. Given our busy weekend schedules, believe it or not, going out on movie dates doesn't happen that often anymore. *sigh* Which is the reason why I totally get ecstatic whenever we get to really go out on a date...just the two of us spending more quality time together.

Yesterday, we headed to the Powerplant Mall to watch a movie. I totally love my husband for giving up watching Dark Shadows over the very girly romantic comedy movie What to Expect When You're Expecting as he knows that I've been wanting to watch this movie since I learned about it months ago (..and after hearing me say, "this movie got an all-star cast in it!" probably a dozen times). Yay! Thank you Paul for spoiling me. ♥

It was indeed a fun movie with a couple of my favorite Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick and Glee's Mr. Schuester -- Matthew Morrison.

starbucks 1
We love to munch on snacks while in the movie house and since I am totally off-limits towards popcorn (no matter how buttery good they are..), we headed to Starbucks Coffee to get some drinks instead. Paul, a chocoholic tried their newest Frappuccino Blended Beverage -- the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino (Php. 165 tall). He loves anything with chocolate which is why he has been ordering Starbucks' Signature Hot Chocolate for years! Since it was so hot outside, he wanted an icy cold drink to cool him down. Thus, the Frappuccino was the best choice this time of the year.

This is a coffee-based drink with mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, milk and topped with cookie crumble that makes it so chunky and yummy! Paul loved the chocolate whipped cream too! This is the ultimate drink for the choco lovers out there. Paul enjoyed it so much that he has finished half of the drink even before the movie began.

Frappuccino Happy Hour Standee
To make summer even more fun, Starbucks Coffee launched the Frappuccino Happy Hour which began last April 30 and will end next week, May 28, 2012! This is a special promo giving customers 50% off on all Frappuccino beverages every Monday from 2PM to 6PM. Eep! One more week to go! Better not miss it on May 28!!

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