Sushi Express at the Oriental Plaza in Beijing

My trip to Beijing was really short. 

Too short that all days were filled up with office visits, a grand launch party and a quick stop to the Forbidden City. Given that it was my first time in Beijing, China; I tried my best to soak in everything that I  saw, heard and tasted all throughout my four-day trip. As I was packing my luggage on my last evening, I realized that I haven't shopped for anything! *panic!* Not even my mandatory Starbucks city mug that I always make sure to buy for my growing collection.

beijing china 8
Thus, on my last day, I invited my Japanese counterparts for a quick morning shopping trip at Wangfujing. This is one place that I took note of after asking my friends K and J for shopping and eating tips in Beijing. I totally can let go of not seeing the Great Wall or the Olympic Stadium for this trip but I'm not leaving Beijing without a short shopping spree at Wangfujing! No way, José!

beijing china 19
It was raining on our last day making it very hard to walk around and explore Wangfujing. Sad because this is a huge pedestrian area filled with shops, malls and eateries which I'm sure looks very beautiful on a sunny day. We entered the first mall that we saw and this was the Oriental Plaza. Luck must have been with us as this mall is Beijing's largest shopping mall and it houses thousands of retail brands! As my Japanese companions headed to the fashion section of the mall, I headed down to the basement where the food establishments were located. First stop was a cart selling all kinds of dried Chinese fruits and candies for my mommy who loves these very much. After buying a couple of bags, off I went to Bee Cheng Hiang for some delicious beef and pork jerkies to bring home as well. I love Bee Cheng Hiang as I can consume half a bag of sweet pork jerkies (ma-pa) in one sitting! Yum!

beijing china 18
I'll tell you more about Wangfujing on my next entry as I would like to focus on my last lunch in Beijing for now. After roaming the basement level and checking out all the restaurants available here. I initially wanted to have lunch at Kung Fu, China's popular food chain that has Bruce Lee as their endorser/mascot. I've tried Kung Fu in Guangzhou and I was hoping I'd be able to try it again. Sadly, the line was so long and I only have 30 minutes left to eat before I have to meet up with my companions again. Beside Kung Fu is a sushi place with...a rotating sushi conveyor! My sister and I love rotating sushi restaurants that we always make it a point to dine in one wherever we are in the world. From Hong Kong to Bangkok, we love love love rotating sushi!

beijing china 12
I found Sushi Express and their very enticing banner. RMB 6 (approximately Php. 40) per plate! That's a great sushi deal! I sat down and prepared by little wasabi saucer, filled up my cup with hot tea and scanned the conveyor belt. Let me share with you what I had for lunch that day:

beijing china 13
I started my meal with some Ebi Salad. To be honest, I find this salad too dry. I just ate the huge prawns (ebi) and left the cabbage untouched.

beijing china 14
Next, I grabbed a plate of Salmon Sushi. Wow. I love the fresh salmon on top of some sticky Japanese rice. This one was good!

beijing china 15
Not so happy with the Ebi Salad, I tried the Kani Salad this time and was happy with this one. The kani sticks were sweet and plump and the cabbage, this time, was well-coated with Japanese mayonnaise. I finished this off together with my fourth plate...

beijing china 16
More greens! I think I felt really guilty for having more than allowed Peking Duck skin the night before together with more than a dozen other dishes that I made up for my calorific dinner with a healthy, green-filled lunch. I love this spinach-like veggie! So yummy! :)

beijing china 17
Lastly, I had a plate of Tamago Maki which is my favorite sushi! Did you know that one way to gauge the expertise of a sushi chef is on how well he can create a Tamago? This is not your ordinary scrambled egg as it actually entails careful layering and a great deal of patience. Thus, only the best sushi masters can create a really good piece of Tamago sushi.

After five plates, I was so full already! Wow! This is something new as I normally could have 8-10 plates for one meal! I guess eating alone really affects your appetite.

The selection was quite limited but I'm glad that they have made sure that the quality of the sushi were superb. Despite the affordable price, you are assured of having a quality meal.

Sushi Express is located at the LG Level of the Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing, Beijing, China. Call them at 85185960.

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