O Wow Adventures with Oishi's Team O

It's no secret how much I love eating chips! In fact, it has been my favorite thing to snack on and I would definitely go for a bag of chips over a box of chocolates or a scoop of ice cream any day. For the past months, Oishi has been showering me and my family with a lot of yummy (and crunchy) blessings! Who can ever forget the six foot high box that greeted me as I arrived home from my trip to China? This was the same box that my niece and nephew happily played in after we got all the bags of chips out. They sent not only one but two boxes filled with an assortment of Oishi goodies!

oishi o wow 1
A few weeks after that, I got home to see Mr Pea and Mr Porky smiling back at me. Once again, another delightful surprise from the cool folks from Oishi!

As a marketing practitioner, I strongly believe in the power of product sampling. This is one great way to encourage trial and hopefully will result to purchase and loyalty in the future. However, with thousands of products competing for a consumer's attention in a day, the challenge lies on being able to execute a flawless sampling plan that is impactful and will surely reach your market like a bull's eye. I chanced upon the a video on YouTube showing the latest sampling effort of the Oishi team. Calling themselves Team O, together with Elmo Magalona and Tim Yap, they flew to Bulacan and literally showered some blessings there in the form of personal bags of chips!

The surprise doesn't stop there. What makes these chips interesting is that it doesn't give any clue what's inside so all you can do is to make a wild guess and to open the bag to see what's inside. On my first try, I got my favorite Oishi Potato Fries while Paul had the Spicy Marty's Chicharon. My niece Julia was so happy as she got a bag of Bread Pan, one that she consumed on her own within minutes.

Sharing with you how Team O continues to surprise and delight the Philippines with these two videos below:

I was told that Team O still has a lot of surprises up their sleeves! Watch out for it!

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