Tea Time: Da.U.De Tea Lounge in Bonifacio Global City

Mommy loves drinking tea. Thus growing up, Pan and I were taught to appreciate the flavor of all sorts of tea blends at a very young age. We would have pots after pots of Chrysanthemum Tea whenever we're enjoying dimsum in Hong Kong, a cup of Earl Grey to go with our choice of macarons or tea sandwiches and even the deep and dark ones like TieGuanYin. Like Mommy, we've learned to drink tea either with honey or with a few drops of sugar cubes. Lately, wanting to stay healthy, I've been having my cup of tea without any sweeteners added into it. I've learned to love it in its purest form.

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Upon hearing about Da.U.De (da-you-de) Tea Lounge, I set a brunch date with Mommy and Pan after our morning working at the Bonifacio Global City. Da.U.De Tea Lounge is located at the ground floor of the Net Lima Building which is right beside the Mini Showroom. It may be a bit of a challenge to locate but believe me, it'll be worth it.

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We were greeted by the bright, sunshine-y ambiance of Da.U.De that is said to be similar to those tea shops in New York. Someday, I hope to visit one myself. We met Renee Sebastian, the tea master behind Da.U.De and we really enjoyed chatting with her as she taught us a few things about her wide array of tea blends available.

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I love how Renee has prepared all these cute containers where customers can sniff the tea blends before making their choice.

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Everything just looks so chic and modern making it a great place to hang out with a good book or to catch up with friends.

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Mommy and I got a pot each of Da.U.De's Hot Tea. I tried the Second Flush Green Tea simply because I loveeee green tea! This tea blend was very very light. I find the tea pot really cute too! :)

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Mommy tried a more darker tea flavor -- Seffarine, if I'm not mistaken and she loved it! :) On the first thirty minutes, Da.U.De has instantly won my mommy's heart! Way to go!

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For those who would still prefer to have their cup of coffee over tea, they have Coffee Alternatives which are tea blends infused with coffee! Clever don't you think? My sister tried the Macchiato (Php. 120) which she loved loved loved! We were actually surprised that this was suggested to her. Among the three of us, Pan is really a hardcore coffee drinker as she took after Papa. I took a sip of her drink and find it so yummy! I love the milky sweet coffee-tea blend!

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 I did mention earlier that we came from an early morning workout so...we were famished! Our brunch began with a plate of Prosciutto & Melon Salad (Php. 390). Not wanting to gain back all the calories that we've lost after slaving over the threadmill for almost an hour, we had a plate of refreshing greens to start our meal. You'll never go wrong with prosciutto and melon. This is a perfect example of how salty and sweet can go well together. The greens were lightly drizzled with Da.U.De's Aphriki Masala Vinaigrette.

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Filipinos love breakfast and it was a great idea for Da.U.De. to offer breakfast all-day long! For someone like me, there are just days when I want to have a breakfast platter for lunch or dinner! Mommy tried The Fisherman (Php. 290) which is supposed to consists of tea confit sardinella, lemonada cured salmon, egg (done which way you want it) and bread. Sadly, the sardinella was still not available that day so they just gave Mommy more salmon which was ok with her. She was very happy with her choice as it was light yet really yummy. Take it from me, it's not easy to impress my Mom and for Da.U.De to successfully make her  flash the thumbs-up sign, that IS a big deal.

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I tried the Early Ricer (Php. 350) which is made of English Bangers, Sardinella Confit, Egg and Jasmine Rice. Once again, they replaced the sardinella with the Tea-Cured Salmon which was all good with me as I love anything salmon! The salmon was very fresh and yummy, the english bangers was pretty good as well. I could do without the rice though as it wasn't very fluffy as I'd like it to be. Maybe next time I'll just have some bread with this.

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Pan, on the other hand, was so happy with her The Farmer (Php. 350) platter. She loves anything made of potato so the Roesti at the based of her dish was well-appreciated. She also liked the English Bangers, Roasted Tomatoes and Mushroom, Bacon and Egg! It was a hearty dish that she had to share some of her bacon and bangers with us.

In between bites and sips, we bonded. I simply love spending time with my Mom and Sister! ♥ We wanted to try more items on the menu so Mommy suggested that we get two dessert items to share.

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First was the Tea Brulee (Php. 150) which was like our well-loved creme brulee only this one is infused with tea! Sadly, the tea flavor must have been very light that the egg custard taste still overpowers it all. It was light, delicious and not very sweet.

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The Apfelstrudel (Php. 200) was a revelation! If you love Home-baked Apple Pie, then you'll love this too! Apple strudel drizzled with Dallah Tea Sauce and served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!

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We all love how eco-friendly Da.U.De. is. Somehow, eating there gives you that good, happy feeling that you're doing something good to your body, your well-being and to the world. They actually have these cute paper cups and paper straws ready for customers who want their drinks to go.

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Da.U.De aims to teach the local market not only to learn how to drink tea but to know more about it. It reminds me of those fun coffee appreciate workshops that I would conduct back then. Tea drinking is a good practice as we all know all the amazing benefits that tea can bring to your body.

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I really enjoyed our brunch at Da.U.De Tea Lounge that I just have to leave a message on the wall! It was indeed TEA-rrific!!! I'll definitely be back to try their Afternoon Tea Set.

Drop by Da.U.De Tea Lounge at the Ground Floor of the Net Lima Building, 4th avenue and 26th street, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. Call them at 854 - 4187.

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