Tech Review : iPhone Wallet Case and Boost Case (Demo Slideshow)

A week ago, I made the quickest and one of the biggest purchase this year -- I bought myself a new phone and it's not just any phone in the market but one that I have been considering to have for months!

digital hub 6
I bought myself an iPhone 4S! I wouldn't consider it an impulse buy but rather, I just know a good deal when I see one. Negotiations were done in less than 20 minutes and shortly after, this pretty looking box was already placed safely inside my bag as we drove home. Some friends were wondering why I didn't wait for the new iPhone 5 to come out as this was released to the public just a few days ago. Well, I am the type who would rather wait for the reviews to come in and when a product deems to be worthy of my hard-earned money then I buy it than to give in impulse and trend pressure then to regret it later.

It has been a week since and I've so happy with the functionality of my new phone. The sleek performance as I do my calls, send text messages, snap up photos and get updates from the internet. I love it and there's totally no regrets here. Of course, I have to take good care of it too. So, the next few days after my purchase were spent shopping for protective accessories from the ever-reliable screen protector to choosing some accident-proof cases for my phone.

digital hub 5
My go-to place is V-Mall in Greenhills. I grew up frequenting Greenhills Shopping Center that I can proudly say that I know the place inside and out by heart. V-Mall is the place to go for gadgets and anything in relations to technology. We headed up to the 3rd floor and went to Digital Hub, the same place where I shopped at to dress my iPod Touch and other gadgets for a year already. I love the service and the wide variety of items available. The prices here may be a tad more expensive compared to the stalls outside but you are assured of warranty and excellent service. Imagine, I bought my screen protector here and the store clerk was kind enough to attach it for me.

Dressing up my iPhone
Call it vain but I want my iPhone case to match my mood (or outfit) for the day so I got one in pink and another one in red -- two of my favorite colors! I also saw a couple of cute cases with Hello Kitty, Charlie Brown and more!

digital hub 2
I run a very busy schedule and at times I have to do quick errands to the grocery. Times like this, I normally would "travel light". The Wallet Case (Php. 1,750) by Boostcase Hybrid makes it perfect for me to slide in my cards behind my phone and perhaps a few wads of bills too.

digital hub 7
On days when I don't need the "wallet" cover, I can easily take it off and leave the regular case in. Cool huh? :) In effect, I get two looks in one case! I also love the matte, rubber finish of this case. It prevents sliding and slipping when placed in a glossy table top. It's scratch-proof as it snugly covers my phone's back and side portion.

Here's a step-by-step demo showing how we were able to easily slide the Wallet Case in.

I also got the Two-Piece Standalone Snap Case & Detachable Battery Sleeve (Php.3,550) also by Boostcase Hybrid. The only bad thing that I heard about the iPhone is its not-so-long battery life. Friends would assure me that it would definitely last a day if all I use it for is to call, text and surf a bit. However, I get paranoid running out of battery when I'm stuck in a terrible traffic or I'm out of town. I decided to get this to just give me that peace of mind that I can still power up my phone anytime, anywhere.

digital hub 4
This case comes with a Detachable Battery Sleeve where all I have to do is to snap it at the bottom of the case and my phone will automatically charge itself.

Once again, sharing with you a step-by-step demo on how to install this Booster Case with Battery Sleeves onto your iPhone.

For more iPhone casings and accessories, check out Digital Hub and Beyond the Box. Click the link to get the list of branches available nationwide.

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