Tech Review : Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

I must admit I can't live without the internet. Ever since I was introduced to it back in the late 90s, logging into the internet has been part of my daily routine. Papa would wonder why do I have to check my email every single day given that I was just a student back then. Before, being connected to the internet was pretty much limited to you having to be physically present in front of your computer. Today, one can be connected 24/7. How? Through the wonderful creations of smart phones and tablets of course! :)

My day job entails doing a number of presentations to clients. More often than not, I have to bring my laptop with me as all my files as stored in there and there is also no way I would want my presentation to be ruined with incompatible fonts as the file gets transferred around with a USB stick. I'd rather kill my shoulders and carry my laptop around than to have a mediocre looking presentation, agree?

My colleague L was smarter though. All she had was her handy tablet where her presentations are saved in and it can magically do wonders with amazing animations that never cease to amaze us! Since then, a tablet has been part of my must-buy list.

samsung galaxy 2
Look what we have here... it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch). Allow me to do a slow-mo unboxing ceremony of this gorgeous baby!

samsung galaxy 1
We got the 16 GB as we feel that this is enough for our files and applications. They also have one that has a 32GB memory capacity.

samsung galaxy 3
The tab is 10.1 inch big and is very very very light and slim (9.7mm). It's slimmer than a Mongol pencil! Just imagine that! I also love how sharp the colors are from the monitor and according to my friend, the material of the screen is scratch-proof! Let's see about that.

samsung galaxy 4
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with a USB cable, charger and of course the user manual. I highly recommend that you read this first to be able to fully enjoy your tab.

We are still exploring the various applications available but so far I love the Evernote Food app which is a note-taking application allowing me to take down the names of the dishes together with a quick photo of it.

Paul loves using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for his games. If you look closely, the tab has two speakers one on each side. This helps the sound quality a lot.

I'm currently addicted to Instagram and I can easily take photos with its built-in 3 Megapixel rear camera. There's also a front camera that we used when we were chatting via Skype with my mom and Pan.

samsung galaxy 6
Our recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau was one that had the least jam-packed itinerary. I was so busy prior to our trip that what I just had was a list of restaurants recommended by friends and relatives. I wasn't even able to grab a map to help us navigate our way around! I was THAT unprepared! Good thing, Paul had our Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and we were able to maximize the map application as it served as our GPS.

samsung galaxy 5
Look how accurate it was in helping me locate H&M in Central, HK! Note that we were able to use this without being connected to the internet as the GPS function gets our location data from the satellite. How cool is that?

Other apps include: Samsung S Suggest, ChatON, Samsung All Share Play, document-making applications similar to Microsoft Office and a lot more! We are still downloading more apps as of this moment.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has Bluetooth connectivity, is WiFi ready and can be connected to the laptop/PC via a USB cable. It runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS too. You can also insert your SIM card and it can function like a phone!

We're loving our new tab and the fact that it made our recent trip totally stress-free! :)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 3G + WiFi retails at around Php 21,990.

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