Let's Party! 8 Spoons Party Trays

Paul's birthday is coming up in 2 days! :) It has been our tradition that our birthday celebration doesn't last for just a day. Instead, it goes on and on for WEEKS! We normally get to celebrate our birthdays with our two families (his and mine), our various groups of friends and of course, with one another.

Paul's birthday celebration started today as we had a simple yet fun lunch get-together with his family. What made it fun were the 3 tiny tots who happily ran around the house as they played with one another for hours! It was cuteness overload as we tried to decipher their baby talks and watch with amazement as these kids, at their very young age, can easily navigate their way around an iPad!

8 spoons 1
Since there were 13 of us today, we tried 8 Spoons' Party Trays which were said to be good for 8 but believe me, the serving was very generous that almost everyone got second servings and there were still a lot of food left for dinner today (and maybe even for lunch tomorrow)! Most dishes comes in two sizes, one good for 8 another for 15.

First off, 8 Spoons has a long menu of dishes that you can choose from. They have a wide variety of dishes from a number of pasta and noodle dishes, Savoury Crepes, Starters, Seafood dishes, Chicken, Pork and Beef and even Dessert! They delivered our trays on time and I love how the food were neatly presented in these white plastic containers. All dishes and sauces were well-labeled and they even provided us with paper plates and utensils too. Impressive!

Let me share with you what we had for lunch today:

8 spoons 5
Since it was Paul's birthday, of course we got to have noodles for him to live forever and ever and evahhh!! We all loved the Oriental Style Pasta with Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom (Php. 450 / Php. 750) which tasted very much like Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan Pasta. Mommy-in-law commented that it was sweet and later said that she will definitely recommend this to her friends. The pasta was al dente and I love how they didn't scrimp on the amount of mushrooms and chicken strips added in the pasta.

8 spoons 4
We also loved the Chicken Steak a la Pobre with Mushroom Gravy (Php. 600 / Php. 1100). This party tray came with mashed potato which the kids enjoyed! I enjoyed the creamy mashed potato and the chicken was very tender and tasty too! I highly recommend this dish.

8 spoons 3
The Baked Ribs in Barbeque Sauce (Php. 600 / Php. 1100) is perfect for a barbecue feast minus the hassle of grilling! I noticed that the pork ribs were very tender that the meat easily falls-off-the-bone with just a slight nudge of my fork. The sauce had a good sweet-smokey flavor that I liked very much. It went well with the mashed potato from the Chicken Steak a la Pobre.

8 spoons 2
Lastly, the Lemon Parmesan Fish Fillet with Lemon Cream Sauce (Php. 700 / Php. 1300) was pretty okay but it would have been better had it been more juicy as the breaded coating made the fish a bit dry making it hard for the little ones to thoroughly enjoy.

8 spoons 6
For dessert, 8 Spoons sent over a tray of Fresh Fruit Crepe rolls with Nutella Glaze and Chopped Pistachios (Php. 580). Sadly, I couldn't try this as it had lots of whipped cream inside but according to Paul it was good. The sweetness of this dessert primarily comes from the fresh fruits inside (a mix of mango, kiwi, banana and a lot more). This would make a good dessert option that your party guests will surely enjoy. Next time, I'm trying the Mango Crepe Rolls with Caramel Glaze and Chopped Walnuts and I'll sweetly ask them to make some minus the whipped cream inside for me to enjoy.

Over-all, the food was delicious! I'm definitely keeping my 8 Spoons menu for future family gatherings and potluck dinners. I can't wait to try more of their dishes in the future.  8 Spoons can delivery for free for orders worth Php. 5,000 and above. Order lead time is 48 hours and a 50% deposit should be done upon confirmation of order.

Planning a party? Call 8 Spoons at 542-2168 / 341-41-48. They're located at 21-C Dagot street, Quezon City.

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