Green Pastures in Shangri-la Plaza, East Wing

"Let's eat out when you're home!", this was the SMS that my little sister Pan sent me weeks before our recent visit to Manila.

My response was: "Okay, can we try Green Pastures?"

She SMS backed to say: "Galing! I was just thinking of that."

We may be miles away but my sister and I sure do think (and continue to talk) alike.

green pastures 2
I've been hearing and reading about Green Pastures from fellow food bloggers and knowing that this is Chef Robby Goco's newest baby, all the more I was so excited to give it a try. Being a big fan of Cyma and Charlie's, I was pretty certain, Green Pastures will also be a winner. Just to ensure that we get a nice table as we planned to eat there on a Friday night, I called to make a reservation. I'm sure glad I did as the restaurant was packed at 7PM and there was already a waiting line outside.

Whenever Pan and I are excited to try a new restaurant, we tend to over-order. Here's our dinner menu good for the 5 of us:

green pastures 1
Autumn Sunrise (Php. 550)
Whenever we're with my parents, we always make it a point to start our meal with something healthy. Thinking of Cyma's Roka Salata, we chose Autumn Sunrise as it consists of mesclun, baby spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, blue cheese, baked onions, organic bacon, farm egg, candied walnuts, pears and balsamic vinaigrette. Somewhat similar due to the candied walnuts but this one had a more savory and fruity taste. We all loved it and found it to be very light and refreshing. Definitely a perfect starter to our meal.

green pastures 3
Home Made Ricotta (Php. 255)
As we were ordering, the server suggested that we also try their homemade cheese and right there and then, he has successfully "sales talked" Pan and I into ordering the Ricotta Cheese with Onion Jam, Roasted Garlic and Bread. It was good but nothing spectacular. We even followed the server's recommendation which was to brush the roasted garlic onto the bread, spread the cheese and top with the sweet onion jam. It was very creamy alright but I guess we just had too much food that this one paled in comparison to the others. Will try the Stracciatella Cheese next time.

green pastures 4
Crab Meat and Sea Urchin Pasta (Php. 385 / Php. 525 to share)
When I was asking friends for food recommendations for Green Pastures, this one came as the common choice. Since we love crab meat and sea urchin (uni) we then made sure not to miss this. Now I know why this one was so popular! Who can ever resist enjoying al dente pasta cooked with meaty crabmeat and silky uni. Since Green Pastures is all about serving organic food, I noticed that this pasta dish tasted so clean and free of any fishy aftertaste. I highly recommend this!

green pastures 5
Broccoli Rabe and Kale Pasta (Php. 355 / Php. 510 to share)
After the creamy and highly indulgent pasta, we balanced it out with this very healthy option. Sadly, they were out of broccoli that night so I just asked the server to give us more arugula to make up for it. Another good pasta dish perfect for those who wants it light. Mommy obviously enjoyed this one more.

green pastures 6
80/20 Burger (Php. 425)
As Mommy is such a healthy eater, my Papa is a true blue carnivore. He loves beef and so we decided to try the 80/20 for the two men in the family. Why is it 80/20? It's because of the 80% Wagyu Beef and 20% double smoked organic panchetta with house made stracciatella on buttery brioche bread. This was a really yummy burger! What Pan and I loved too was the dip that came with the fries. It had a very familiar taste but it took us a while before we finally figured out what it tasted like. I'm not telling that it is, will need you to try it out yourself and tell me what you think the dip tastes like below. :)

At this point, we were all so full already. Imagine my parent's shocked faces when they found out that dinner wasn't exactly over yet...

green pastures 7
Roast Organic Chicken (Php. 595)
Pan and I thought that we needed one more protein dish so we chose the chicken. It came really late that we were just about done with our meal. However, as soon as we caught a whiff of the delicious aroma of this freshly roasted chicken, we all couldn't help but to try a small slice each. The meat was very tender however we found the juice/sauce to be a bit too salty for our taste. We later on asked the server to wrap this up as Mommy has plans to re-doing this to lessen the salty taste. How it turned out to be, I will have to ask my sister about it.

I'm so happy that I was able to try Green Pastures during my short visit home. Chef Robbie did it again! Having another winning restaurant that serves really good food! I can't wait to go home and to dine here again. I will definitely be back!

Green Pastures is located at the 4th floor, Shangri-La Mall (East Wing), Mandaluyong City. Call them at 654-3219. 

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