Back at Cafe Publico in Greenhills Promenade

Do you believe in giving second chances? 

Well before you answer that, let me tell you a little story. *puts on her lola glasses and sits on the rocking chair* *ahem ahem*

cafe publico 5
Once upon a time, there was this girl whom we shall call FW. She went out with her best buds one evening for some delicious sushi and wagyu beef. Over their favorite Japanese choices, girly chit-chats and stories were exchanged back and forth. Dinner came to an end and not wanting to call it a night, FW suggested that they go get some ice cream. Feeling all grown up, the three girls decided to have some gelato instead. Off they went to Cafe Publico which was just a few steps away from their original place.

cafe publico 7
It was raining hard that evening and they found a certain calmness inside the store. The rustic Italian garden interiors felt old yet comforting. The chess table in one corner looked really interesting.

cafe publico 4
The place boasts of serving good gelato and so the girls made their choice. FW went for a scoop of Red Velvet, Salt Butter Taffy and Cafe Mocha. Three safe flavors which she knows she'll surely love. The three girls ate their gelato in silence. "The gelato was good, it was creamy and sweet but something wasn't right", FW thought. Perhaps the taste was just ordinary and the gelato was not the kind that would make FW daydream about. Needless to say, the experience was not quite memorable that a return was never made since then.

Fast forward a year later...

cafe publico 1
FW stepped into the store once again. Everything looked exactly how she remembered it to be. With a little hesitation, she took a step towards the bright glass case and peered inside. A couple of familiar ones and more new ones calling out her name. Should she give in? It has been a year since her last return after all.

cafe publico 2
Feeling brave, she gave Cafe Publico another chance. "One Salted Butter Taffy, Speculoos and Red Velvet on a small cup (Php. 105) please", FW called out. She carefully brought her cup to the table and took her first scoop. Instantly, the salty-sweet flavor of the Salted Butter Taffy filled her palate. It was delicious. Another scoop and she tasted the graham and cinnamon notes of the Speculoos. Somehow, the Red Velvet's flavor was too weak to be noticed but two out of three wasn't bad at all. For one thing, it was indeed a great improvement from the previous visit and this time, FW daydreams about the Salted Butter Taffy gelato too.

cafe publico 3
In addition to the gelato, FW also tried the Churros con Chocolate and gave it a thumbs-up sign too. Crunchy churros dipped in rich chocolate is truly the perfect way to end the evening. Just don't overly coat your churros or you'll end up with a very chocolate-y mess.

Now, let me ask you again... Do you believe in giving second chances? I'm so glad I do.

Till next time, Cafe Publico!

p.s. Hope you'll someday grant our gelato wish! 

cafe publico

Cafe Publico is located at the 2nd level, Greenhills Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City.

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