Weekend Brunch at Open Door Policy, Singapore

Finally, after buying my two boxes of yummy cupcakes from Plain Vanilla Bakery, I headed over to Open Door Policy where I've made reservations for my Saturday brunch. I got to the door of the restaurant at exactly 11AM making me the first customer to enter that day.

If you remember, I've blogged about Open Door Policy a month back when Paul and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary here. While our dinner was pretty good, I had this nagging feeling inside me that a return visit is in order and somehow, I just have to try their brunch menu.

So, while waiting for my friends to arrive, I began reading the one-pager menu. Service was superb as always. The moment the server saw that I've settled into my seat, he asked if I want anything to drink. You can actually get some bubbly in the morning but I'm being a goody goody girl and just got a bottle of Fiji water for us to share.

open door policy 2
Finally, A and J arrived just in time and while catching up with one another, we made our brunch choices as well. I followed J's lead and got the Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Ciabatta with Spinach and Fresh Herbs (S$22). It was really a tough decision as I was torn between this or the Roasted Field Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche with Truffle Puree. Well, the scrambled egg and salmon won me over.

No regrets here! The moment my big plate was laid down in front of me, I knew I made the right choice. Look at how big that slice of smoke salmon is! Underneath the salmon is a thick layer of creamy scrambled egg and below is the toasted ciabatta. Everything was just perfect. I love how the flavors all blended together and there's just a variety of texture from the silky salmon to the crunchy bread as well as from the herbs and spinach included. Needless to say, I was very happy with this dish and I am definitely going back to ODP for more. The serving is also quite big that I wouldn't mind sharing this with Paul next time and perhaps get the ODP Pancakes or the French Toast as sides. Now, I'm super excited!

One of our brunch companions B also got the Chocolate and Pistachio Souffle (S$18) which was good and would definitely be perfect when paired with a cup of coffee.

The only drawback with having brunch at Open Door Policy is you can't take your sweet time. Sadly, our table is only ours for an hour and a half and we have to give it up to the next party in line. *sigh* This also means cutting short our catching up session with A and J.

open door policy 1
Over-all, I had a better second-time experience at Open Door Policy. For one thing, I love how the sunlight naturally lights up the restaurant as opposed to the bar-like darkness that greeted us during our dinner date back then. We were seated comfortably since it was less crowded so we could easily slip in and out of our table anytime. The brunch selection, while still limited, made everyone on the table satisfied and happy.

Open Door Policy is located at 19 Yong Siak street, Singapore. Reservation is highly recommended. You can do online reservation or call them at +65 6221 9307. 

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