Mad for Garlic in Suntec City, Singapore

Halloween is just around the corner and this is the season of ghost stories and spirit sightings. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I cringe whenever I hear scary stories and try my darnest to stay away from spooky-looking places. Did you know that garlic is said to keep vampires and witches away? True or not, I am not taking chances. Of course, I won't go around town munching on plain garlic as my breath won't only ward away all those spooky elements but even my friends, family and Paul will stay as far away as they could from me too.

I'm loading up with garlic in style and the best way to do so is at Mad for Garlic which recently opened a new branch at Suntec City. I heard that Mad for Garlic has also opened a branch in the Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines and I have yet to pay them a visit. Meanwhile, let me share with you the garlic-loaded dinner that I had with my cousins-in-law at Mad for Garlic, Singapore.

mad for garlic 1
Dinner began with Mad for Garlic's signature pizza called the Garlic Snowing Pizza (S$ 22.50). We loved this thin-crusted pizza topped with shrimp, pineapple bits and crunchy garlic chips. Look how generous they were with the toppings! The pizza could hardly hold everything up as it was too heavy already. The shrimp was plump and juicy, the garlic chips not too overpowering and definitely blended well with the sweet Hawaiian-like flavor.

mad for garlic 3
We were with baby B that evening and we made sure that we also got something that she likes. For kids, the no-fail choice would be the Garlic Carbonara Pasta (S$21.70) which she happily ate. The serving was quite big so even us, adults were able to have a good portion of it. Cooked with herb garlic cream sauce and bacon, this is a simple yet totally comforting dish.

mad for garlic 4
To balance out our garlic-loaded dinner, we also had the Teriyaki Chicken & Pasta Combo (S$21.40) which is good for one but since we had other dishes too, we just shared this among the 5 of us. I love the tender basil teriyaki chicken which was very juicy and fragrant. The pasta was pretty ordinary so I skipped this to have more of our next dish.

mad for garlic 2
The Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (S$22.50) is a must-try when dining at Mad for Garlic. Sure, it's not as garlic-loaded compared to the pizza or the carbonara but you'll love the creamy risotto cooked with spinach, mushroom and grilled chicken slices. The arborio rice was perfectly cooked and it has soaked the creamy flavor of the sauce making it rich and truly addicting.

mad for garlic 5
For dessert, we had something unique -- the Banana Chocolate Pizza (S$16.50) is something that Mad for Garlic is truly proud of. I totally understand why. We were initially hesitant to try a dessert pizza topped with garlic, banana slices and chocolate sauce. Somehow, this went pass our limits in eating sweet-savory items. I was personally afraid that the garlic might be too spicy and overpowering that it will just ruin the dessert for me. Well, as Mommy would say -- you'll never know till you try. I'm sure glad I did as it was one of the yummiest desserts that I've had. Who would have thought that the combination would go well together? The garlic was caramelized and it didn't have a single hint of spiciness. I also love digging into the vanilla ice cream on top too. It was so good that I happily got baby B's share as she was happy running around at this point.

What a fun and garlicky dinner! Not only have we successfully warded off all scary spirits away, consuming a good amount of garlic brings a lot of benefits to our over-all health too. Check the list here. So what are you waiting for? Go Mad for Garlic today!

Has anyone tried the Mad for Garlic branch in the Philippines?

Mad for Garlic is located at the 2nd level, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore. Call them at +65-6333-1507. They also have a branch in Clarke Quay.

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