One Sweet Day at Plain Vanilla Bakery at Yong Siak Street

Nowadays, I do look forward to quiet weekends. Gone are the days wherein my schedule is packed with errands, meet-ups, eat outs and more. Since I've moved here, my life is pretty much on a steady pace. From what used to be like a fast car zooming at 250kph, my weekends now feel like a smooth ride down an easy breezy road. Somehow, I like it that way.

On one of those lazy Saturdays, I set a brunch meet-up with my good friend A who's back in Singapore for the F1 race. It's really cool that A and I still get to keep in touch even more now that we're both miles away from home. Thanks to the power of social media, we somehow get to be updated with each other's lives or at least our whereabouts from time to time. Also, I really enjoy going out for brunch with A and her beloved J. They're such fun couple who's game to try new places and since I was dead set in avoiding the CBD and touristy areas that weekend since I'm pretty sure traffic will be awful, I suggested that we meet up at Open Door Policy instead along the famous Yong Siak street within the Tiong Bahru district.

Call it paranoia, I left the house more than an hour before our agreed appointment time despite the fact that I live about 10 minutes by away from the area. Needless to say, the ever efficient bus arrived on time and I found myself walking along Yong Siak street way too early that ODP was still close then. It's okay, I made the most of this quiet time to explore what else you can find in this much-talked-about road.

plain vanilla 2
As I got to the end of the street (believe me, it was a short one), I spotted these pretty bikes with rattan baskets in front. How quaint! I wasn't really expecting something so shabby chic in this part of town.

plain vanilla 1
Looking up, I let out a gasp. It's Plain Vanilla Bakery! The cupcake shop that I've been wanting to visit for some time! What great luck!

plain vanilla 5
I entered the shop and caught a whiff of something buttery sweet. Mmm.. the smell is enough to make your mouth water. The sales clerks were busy attending to a group of customers thus I took this time to admire the store and to check out the kitchen items being sold in the rack across the counter. I don't think there are sitting areas inside the store. Seems more like a take-out shop to me. There are benches outside the shop though where about two groups/families can hang out. If I were you though, just take your Plain Vanilla treats home and enjoy it fully.

plain vanilla 3
Finally, it's my turn. Oh my! Look at all the kinds of cupcakes available. A piece is worth S$3.50 which is a bit more expensive than my go-to cupcake shop. Well, it's worth a try! I got two boxes -- one for A and J and another for my dear Paul who sadly wasn't able to join us that day.

plain vanilla 6
A and J's box had Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache and Carrot Cake. While for Paul (see photo above), I chose Red Velvet, Strawberry White Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache and Carrot Cake. *phew* I tell you, it wasn't easy to choose just 4 in a box! Wish I can try them all.

A & J were so excited upon seeing the cupcakes that A even called first dibs on the Chocolate Ganache :) No wonder we're such good friends! I did the same the moment I got home and told Paul, that the Red Velvet is MINE!

Now the verdict.

plain vanilla 4
I have to admit that I was blown away by how moist and delicious Plain Vanilla cupcakes were. The icing stayed in tact even after being out for more than an hour and that includes a short bus ride and a 400m walk home. The cake part was very moist and spongey and definitely not crumbly at all. The icing of my Red Velvet was a bit too sweet though but then again, I really do not like icings at all so all these gets chucked off to the bin afterwards. Sorry!

After enjoying the Red Velvet which I eventually shared with Paul, we then tried the Strawberry White Chocolate which was good too. It somehow reminds us of those yummy Japanese Strawberry Shortcakes that we would have once in a while. The white chocolate was a bit hard to detect though. Wish they have added in more fresh strawberries. Pretty pleaseeee...

We shared our box with our friends C, I and O who divided the Carrot Cake (I's favorite) among themselves. Lastly, Paul get the Dark Chocolate Ganache after a few days he liked how the chocolate filling oozes out and it had a rich dark chocolate-y taste that he loves.

I guess it really was fate and luck that I finally found Plain Vanilla Bakery! I can't wait to go back for more!

Plain Vanilla Bakery is located at 1D Yong Siak street, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore. Call them at 6465-5942. They also have a shop in Holland Village.

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