Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea : The Pastry Company's Macarons

♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere you goooooo 

Here I am again going around town in search of the yummiest things to give this Christmas! It's not a difficult feat as Manila is literally bursting with so much talented home bakers and chefs thus the challenge actually lies in knowing how to best fill your tummy with all these goodies! As I'd always tell visiting friends, be ready to pack in a few pounds during the holiday season as you'll surely be surrounded by all these mouthwatering creations 24/7.

the pastry company
During my quick visit to Manila, a bright yellow box was delivered to my home and the packaging was the first thing that caught our attention. The box was created using corrugated sheets and it was just so cute and innovative. As you must have noticed, my family loves pretty and creative paper creations so even before we got to opening the box, we all ooh'ed and ahhh'ed by just checking the packaging out.

the pastry company
Now, the grand unveiling finally took place. Opening the box, we were greeted by a dozen French Macarons in three yummy colors -- chocolatey brown, caramel-y yellow and nutty green!

Of course, I went for the Salted Caramel first and noticed that the meringue cookies were not too sweet and it had a good bite. Not too crumbly, not too hard. The icing inside was also creamy and really caramel-y just the way I love it.

Paul tried the Dark Chocolate Ganache Macaron and said it was good with a slight bitter kick. This is definitely for all chocoholics out there who loves the rich and strong choco flavor vs the kid-friendly milky and creamy ones.

We also tried the Pistachio flavor which was also good but over-all, the Salted Caramel was my top choice.

Aside from these three flavors, I found out that The Pastry Company has more flavors available. There's Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry. It would be fun to include these three into the mix to get an even more colorful box!

French Macarons Price List:
Box of 6: Php. 240
Box of 12: Php. 480
Box of 18: Php. 700
Box of 24: Php. 900

To order from The Pastry Company, visit their website or call them at 722-0407 / 0915-7040983.

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