Merry Christmas 2013!

There's truly no place like...home.

This Christmas is extra special as both Paul and I are able to catch up with friends and spend a lot of quality time with our families. I can't really imagine being anywhere else during this special time of the year without our loved ones around us.

Of course, with all the bonding comes a lot of eating. We've been feasting, munching and partying for days on end! Tis the season for lots of merry-making, after all.

shangrila xmas 1
Check this festive Christmas Stocking cake that Paul and I got from Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. It's so pretty that I actually hesitated for a minute before slicing it. Inside, you get a moist vanilla butter cake that goes so well with a mug of hot chocolate. It's light and creamy perfect for those who wants something different from the usual Chocolate-flavored cakes.

However, we also got a couple of chocoholics in the house (yes, O and Paul I'm looking at the two of you!). They both enjoyed the Chocolate Christmas Elk and even had a mini conversation on who's getting the head and who's having the body. *gasp*

We're off to another family gathering with Paul's extended family tomorrow and our much-awaited family staycation in the next few days. I really can't wait!

xmas franny
From my families to yours, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Note: Today is the last day to buy the Christmas hampers, log cake, special cakes, chocolates from Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. Head over there now! 

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