Wingstop lands in Singapore!

Just like that ladies and gentlemen, my search for the best tasting American buffalo wings in Singapore has finally came to an end. Yahoooooo!! *throws confetti in the air*

Moving to another country made me realize how strong the American and Spanish influences have been to the Philippines. Actually, it was more on the food for me. Once in a while, I'd crave for a delicious llanera of Paella Negra or for some good juicy burgers and wings. Singapore is a truly a food mecca but I got to admit that having all these numerous choices around makes it harder to choose and look for the best. When it comes to wings though, nothing beans enjoying crispy deep-fried chicken and coated with a wide array for flavors.

wingstop sg 1
Yesterday, Paul and I traveled across the country to check out the newly opened Bedok Mall. I've never been to this part of town and I was really excited to see what yummy food gems one can find in here. Well, I just have to say that I was amazed that Bedok Mall has a number of my favourite food outlets -- Din Tai Fung, Poulet, Tim Ho Wan, Dian Xiao Er and yes, my new found favourite -- Wingstop!

What made this visit possible was a Facebook contest conducted one of my favourite food blogger Daniel of Daniel Food Diary. I've been following his blog ever since I've moved here and I was really excited to be one of the winners who'll be part of his Wingstop party. Finally, I'll get the chance to meet him. *fan girl mode on*

Daniel sure knows how to throw a party! Just look at all the delicious wings and sides that we were all able to sample today:

wingstop sg 3
Louisiana Rub
Wingstop's best-selling flavour! The menu has two chilies beside it so I was initially hesitant to give it a try. After one bite, it's either my tolerance for spicy food has seriously increased or the rub wasn't too spicy as expected. Either way, I enjoyed this one and would definitely go back for more.

wingstop sg 5
Oriental Soy Pepper
This is the one flavour that's unique to Singapore. By the way, did you know that this branch in Bedok Mall is the first ever Wingstop store in the entire South East Asia? I hope they'll expand around Singapore soon and will eventually head over to the Philippines too. Pretty please?!

The Oriental Soy had a savory taste which we detected came from a hoisin sauce-base. Some of our tablemates commented that it tastes like Peking Duck. Well, it was a bit too salty for me but Paul loved it!

wingstop sg 6
Lemon Pepper
For those who wants a bit of citrus-y flavour then the Lemon Pepper is for you! It had a sweet, tangy flavour that even the little ones will love. We had it in both boned and boneless (fillet) version and of course, I prefer it minus the bone for easier consumption. Yum yum!

wingstop sg 11
Original Hot
As we were all not satisfied with the spicy level of the Louisiana Rub and were craving for more spicy wings, out came the Original Hot luckily didn't disappoint. Coated in Wingstop's signature mix, this one had a just right spicy kick in every bite. I enjoyed pairing this with the coleslaw on bites that were a bit too spicy to handle.

Non-spicy eaters will love Wingstop for their wide array for "safe" flavours. Here's another one -- the Teriyaki has a sweet blend of well coated teriyaki sauce. If you want the traditional Asian sweet teriyaki sauce, you'll surely enjoy this too.

wingstop sg 12
Garlic Parmesan
Isn't it a beauty? I'd say it was love as first sight the moment a basket of Garlic Parmesan wings was laid down on our table. It was so good that I could finish one whole basket just by myself.. okay, I won't be greedy, would gladly share one piece with Paul. :) Har har har!

wingstop sg 10
This is probably the only flavour that I wasn't so crazy about. It had an overly syrupy sweet coating (think kiddie Vitamin C "Cee-Lin") that I could hardly notice the pineapple flavour, if there should be any. I still prefer my wings savory over sweet any day.

I wasn't able to try it as it had 4 chilies attached beside it's name. The spiciest mix in the house, this one was definitely not for the faint-hearted. Look at those huge bits of chili!

To go with our baskets of wings, we were also able to try an assortment of side dishes:

wingstop sg 7
My favourite! I think Wingstop has one of the best coleslaw in the country! It's your traditional American coleslaw which was creamy, a bit tangy and sweet. I'm so happy as it has been a while since I've had a bowl of yummy coleslaw such as this one.

wingstop sg 8
Potato Egg Salad
For those who just needs their carbs, here's one option that you can consider. Creamy potato salad mixed with boiled egg. It was just a-okay for me though.

wingstop sg 4
French Fries
Another yummy sides to munch on! Thick hand-cut fries which were fried to the crisp and lightly salted. I enjoyed dipping this into the garlic cream and honey mustard sauce given during the party. I love that the fries were not too shoestring thin nor were they wedge-like thick. Our side of the table happily finished one whole basket while waiting for the wings to be served.

wingstop sg 13
Chicken Burger
If you're not in the mood to get your hands dirty and would prefer something that you can grab and eat during crunch time, try the Chicken Burger. It reminds me of KFC's Zinger Burger minus the overly spicy flavour that could numb your taste buds at times.

wingstop sg 2
We had fun meeting new people and being able to enjoy all these delicious wings with them. Nothing beats being able to share the same amount of passion for food with people who can totally understand how a piece of chicken wing can make your gush all day.

wingstop sg 14
Another highlight was of course meeting one of my favourite food bloggers -- Daniel! Thank you very much for choosing me as one of your winners! Yay!

Wingstop is located at B1-53 Bedok Mall (beside Tim Ho Wan), Singapore. 

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