Starbucks Coffee Planners 2014 Winners are HERE!

As soon as the contest ended a week ago, I immediately got down to business.

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The first task was to be organized and to divide all those who chose the Philippines and the Singapore planner. Okay, now that task #1 was done, then comes the fun yet challenging part -- reading through all the 190++ entries and choosing for the best ones. Most entries were really sweet and amazing that I ended up with more than 40 shortlisted ones and I know it will take me a couple more day to narrow that down to TWO.

I will stop blabbing now and will go straight to the point...

The lucky reader who will be receiving a 2014 Starbucks Coffee Philippines Planner is...

Ira Tasha Balucan

I was really touched by Ira's answer on how she will be sharing the Joy this Christmas:
In light with the recent devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda, I would try my best to make the victims feel that there is still hope in their lives. More than the relief goods, the food and the clothes, it is still essential to make them understand that what had happened to them is not the end of the world. They are still alive and should continue to live. I will make this effort come into reality by writing letters to them so that when Christmas comes they will know that someone is caring for them and knows that what have they been through was hard but that they should be strong and move forward in life.

The next reader who will be using the 2014 Starbucks Coffee Singapore Planner is...

Steffi Marsheil Yunzal

Steffi is from Tacloban and she intends to help by lending support to the community. Definitely, this just shows how one small act, one small step is essential in the fast rebuilding of a province or yes, even a nation.
Instead of spending Christmas with the family at home, we will spend Christmas with the community, along with everyone who have been greatly affected by the typhoon Haiyan, because I am originally from Tacloban City. What better way to share the joy this Christmas than to be thankful to the Lord for keeping my family safe? However, at the same time, while my family and I attend church, we will also take into consideration the lives of those who died during the typhoon, and those who died due to hunger after the typhoon struck the province.

Congratulations to all winners! Do expect an email from me SOON!

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