Homecoming Finds : Dojo Dairy Japanese Ice Cream

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, of course, we're talking about having a mouthwatering spread of savory and sweet dishes. This is probably the reason why people would say that we, Filipinos, do take Christmas seriously as this is the season of endless merry-making and non-stop eating.

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Case in point, on the day that Paul and I landed in Manila, we were greeted with this black insulated bag sitting prettily inside our freezer. While the look was really simple and doesn't evoke much excitement at a glance, seeing the name printed on the bag was enough to make my heart leap and do a million cartwheels. 

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Of course, who can ever say no to ice cream? Much more... Japanese Ice Cream! When it comes to food, I love anything Japanese. From sticky glutinous mochis to flavoured Kit Kats, from the spongey Tokyo Banana to the creamy Hokkaido Ice Cream. I love how the Japanese gives so much attention to detail. From the quality of the ingredients used, to the flavor and finally to the packaging. 

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Dojo Dairy Japanese Ice Cream makes use of Hokkaido Milk making it really creamy and rich compared to the regular ice cream in the market. I'm not quite sure if Dojo Dairy originates in Japan or it simply makes use of Japanese ingredients. Should you know more info about it, please do share it below. :) Anyway, Dojo Dairy is available in the Philippines and that real good news! 

I'm so happy that the kind folks of Dojo Dairy sent over 5 interesting flavors for us to try : Black Sesame, Lemon, Blue Cheese, Strawberry Banana and Wasabi Light. All very varied from one another as it was a mix of fruity, savory, spicy and nutty. 

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We played it safe and tried the Black Sesame first. I have to say it was love at first scoop. it was so creamy and good. The Black Sesame flavor was spot on and all gave it our two thumbs up. 

dojo 3
The next flavor was the Blue Cheese. I had a small bite of this and immediately commented: "kulang nlaang buffalo wings." (what's lacking is buffalo wings) It was bearable but not quite pleasant. My mom and sister sadly didn't like it as they all went back to getting more Black Sesame. I guess it had an acquired taste and definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

dojo 4
Moving on, we tried the Lemon Ice Cream and it was very light and refreshing. I can imagine having this as an intermezzo..not that we do fine dining at home. Well, it was yummy and even Papa loved it! 

The Strawberry Banana had a strong sweet banana taste with a hint of strawberry. It reminded me of the fruit shake that I would have in Boracay every single day. 

Lastly, we prepared our palate for the Wasabi Light. While we're a family who loves wasabi, we weren't quite sure how it would taste in ice cream form. Well, Dojo Dairy did an amazing job in making it taste really good. It had a minty and creamy texture with a sudden kick of spicy flavor. Not bad at all. 

dojo 5
Just when I thought I've tried all of Dojo Dairy's flavors, it was when I attended a Christmas Party that I realized that there were more! Fellow blogger R brought some for us to try and this time we had the following: Miso Sake, Seaweed, Green Tea, Blue Cheese and Wasabi Light

Since I've tried the last two, I focused on the three other flavors that evening. The Miso Sake had a salty savory flavor similar to what you'd get as you enjoy a bowl of miso soup. The Seaweed was just a-okay. What I loved most though was the Green Tea. Strong, slightly bitter matcha flavored ice cream which would probably even taste better with some red beans. Nonetheless, it was good as it was already. 

Eating Dojo Dairy was such a treat! I love how they were very innovating in turning age-old Japanese flavors normally found in savory dishes into a delightful ice cream flavor. Among all the flavors that I've tried, I highly recommend the Black Sesame, Lemon and Green Tea. However I also urge you to be brave and try the Blue Cheese, Miso Sake and Wasabi Light! 

Price List:
8oz: Php. 230
16oz (Pint): Php. 450
32oz (Quart): Php. 850

Contact Dojo Dairy at http://www.dojodairy.com or via mobile at 0918-888DOJO. 

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