So Long 2013, Hello 2014!


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Such a big word and it basically encapsulates how 2013 was for both Paul and I. We all recalled how the year began with an arrray of farewell dinners thrown by good friends and family as we prepared for our big move to the Lion City. Such a great leap it was that we were faced with new responsibilities, a new career, moving into a new home and the opportunity to build new relationships and friendships too. Months passed and we slowly made ourselves feel at home. 

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For us, Singapore has slowly became our second home. I guess we got these three people whom we consider our family in the Lion City to thank for. Meet I, O and C. Our three flatmates who have made our transition such a breeze. They're always ready to answer all our questions, to lend a helping hand and best of all, they're always game to join us on impromptu food trips too. 

Unlike the past years, we were not able to travel anywhere beyond the frequent Singapore-Manila-Singapore trips that we had this year. Sadly, no new destination was discovered thus I'm looking forward to being able to travel again this 2014. I'm hoping to visit Cambodia, Bali, Vietnam, Sydney and hopefully to go back to Bangkok and the US too. Be still my wanderlust heart... 

2013 was a great year for us as we were able to make another dream come true. Come 2014, I wish that both Paul and I will be blessed more on the family-front. It's about time, after all.

As for, do expect more mouthwatering finds both in Manila and in Singapore. I have yet to finish my long overdue Hong Kong travel series too. Watch out for more staycation and restaurant reviews as well. It will definitely be a yummy and fun year for all of us, I promise! 

From my families to yours, wishing you all a Happy 2014!!!

Note: Watch out for my Best of 2013 series in the coming days! 

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