PS. Cafe in Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

If there's one question that I always find challenging to answer it would be that infamous -- "what's your most favorite restaurant in the world."

This question never fails to leave me speechless, a bit stunned and my mind always boggled until I finally get to blurt out an answer. I'm pretty sure foodies out there can totally relate with my problem. You see, it's not that there's no good restaurants around but in fact, there's quite a lot and it's hard to say which one is better than the other. Often times, I'd settle for my top 3 and this would vary depending on what restaurant comes to my mind at the moment.

What I noticed though is that I like a certain kind of restaurant -- normally I go for stylish cafes or restaurants that offer dishes that I would consider as comfort food. These restaurants have a very relaxed ambiance where I would enjoy brunch, lunch or afternoon tea with my mom/sister/girl friend and/or a nice and quiet dinner with Paul. In Manila, restaurants such as Cibo or Chelsea rank high in my list. I love how they also are very consistent with the quality of their food as well as of their service. They've been my go-to place for years and I'm confident that I'd get the same amazing experience every single time.

ps cafe 2
Here in Singapore, I found one place that is pretty much comparable to my Manila favorites -- welcome to PS. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill.

ps cafe 7
Let me start with the walk up to Ann Siang Hill. Conveniently located just behind my office, I love the quiet, close to nature surrounding of the restaurant. It's actually the only restaurant on that part of the "hill" so you can hang out at the veranda that's overlooking Singapore's beautiful CBD. Stepping inside the restaurant, I just noticed that it's quite dark. A bit different from the brightly lit interiors that I normally prefer. We were led up to our table at the second floor which was quite narrow but cushioned seats lined the wall and tables are arranged quite far from one another allowing you to have your private chit-chats or even a serious business talk while enjoying your meal.

I went with my long time friend T as we agreed to meet up to celebrate the holidays together. While we could have easily went for our usual food court choices, we figured that our Christmas lunch has to be extra special and PS. Cafe was the obvious choice.

ps cafe 3
Lunch began with a tray of Truffle Shoestring Fries. I really love truffles but I have to admit that I almost had a heart attack when this dish was laid down in front of us. It was literally a mountain of crispy fries! Looking at T, she had the same shocked look as she stared at the Truffle Fries. Well, we accepted the challenge and took the first step by simply picking up our first piece of french fry. I have to say, PS. Cafe was very generous with the truffle flavoring. You can smell it from the moment it was served up until it finally gets chewed, swallowed and digested. It's probably because of the combination of truffle salt and truffle oil added into the fries. It was really good and I love the grated parmesan cheese on top too. If you feel that the Truffle Fries is too much for you, you can opt to order the half portion. Wish we knew this earlier.

ps cafe 4
For our main entrees, I went for the Soft Shelled Crab Linguine which was one of the house's specialties that day. Sadly I wasn't able to take note of the price but I recall that it costs just as much as the regular pasta dishes in the menu. I really love my pasta dish as the noodles were al dente and the olive oil and garlic sauce was very light. Definitely a welcome break after all the fries bingeing. The soft shelled crab was deep-fried, tempura style. I happily gave T half of my crab as it was too big for me.

ps cafe 6
My lovely date T got the PS. Bolognaise (S$26) which is a no-frills pasta dish of al dente spaghetti noodles tossed with homemade ground beef, bacon, tomato and parmesan cheese. This is truly the best comfort dish, don't you think? T liked it but found the serving to be too big.

Actually, the serving size of PS. Cafe is big enough for sharing by two people. I will remember this the next time I return in order to avoid over-eating and over-spending too.

ps cafe 1
We were both so full from our meal that we had to skip dessert. Shucks, that Key Lime Pie surely looks delicious.

Over-all, I really love PS. Cafe and I think I'll be regularly visiting this branch for future catch up with girl friends or when on a date with Paul. Reservations is highly recommended as the restaurant easily gets filled even during weekdays.

PS. Cafe is located at 45 Ann Siang Road, Singapore. Call them at 9797-0648. 

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