A trip down Silk Road, Bonifacio Global City

It's no secret that my family and I are such big fans of Chef Cecille Chang's Thai Bistro in Robinson Magnolia. I think there was even a time that every single Sunday lunch was spent there as well as our birthdays and even our despedida party last year. It's funny though that we would order almost the same dishes during every visit and still leave the restaurant constantly raving about it as if we just tasted it for the first time.

Thus, when Paul and I were to have lunch at Chef Cecille's newest restaurant called Silk Road, we immediately said YES!

Stepping inside Silk Road, we immediately knew that this caters to a higher market. I love the pretty, well-lit and very modern interiors which I honestly prefer over the rather dark ambiance of Thai Bistro. Of course, we didn't just settle for a dish or two. What we had was a spread good for about 8 people to enjoy but we were able to finish most of it anyway. Ooops!

silk road 1
Lunch began with a bowl of Tom Yum Kung (Php. 320). While I am still working on improving my tolerance for spicy food, I really can't resist having a bowl of Tom Yum Kung as I just love the play of sour and spicy in every spoonful. Love the huge prawns too!

silk road 12
I was ready though, should there be anything really spicy. I had a glass of Thai Iced Tea by my side. Silk Road's version brings me back to 2008 when I visited Bangkok for the first time and spent every single day having Pad Thai and Thai Iced Tea.

silk road 5
Salmon Cone (Php. 295)
As soon as this pretty dish was placed on our table, I couldn't help but stare at it for a while. Slim, mini cones were filled with chopped salmon mixed with lemongrass, lime and herbs. If I'm not mistaken, the salmon was raw so it tasted a bit like kilawin. As you know, we bloggers like taking a lot of photos before eating, this prompted the server to stand by our table telling us to quickly eat the Salmon Cones to ensure that the cones stay crisp. After quickly snapping away, we did as told and loved this unique and very beautiful appetizer.

silk road 10
Son-in-Law Eggs (Php. 195)
This dish always gets me giggling every time I here it being mentioned. Just saying... :P
Anyway, nothing quite spectacular about this one. I guess I'm just not a fan of deep-fried boiled eggs.

silk road 13
Satay Duo (Php. 285)
I really got to hand it to Silk Road for producing not only yummy dishes but well-plated ones too. I love how these tender chicken and pork skewers were served on top of a charcoal grill. It keeps it warm and it adds to the smokey flavor of the meat too.

silk road 2
Prawn Cakes (Php. 295)
A bit too pricey given that you're just getting 5 deep-fried pieces of prawn cakes but let's admit it, what's a Thai meal without it right? If you're a big fan of prawn cakes like me, then go for it!

silk road 6
Moules Thai (Php. 320)
I never thought I'd say this about mussels but these babies were really delicious! I love how refreshing it tasted as it was cooked using a mix of Thai herbs and coconut milk. Yum!

silk road 9
Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Puree (Php. 75 / 100g)
Tilapia is one of my favorite local fishes and I love it most when it's deep-fried with all the meat filleted and ready to be enjoyed. It's interesting to note that Silk Road generously drizzled some tangy tamarind puree on top of the deep-fried fish which made it sweet, sour and really delicious.

silk road 4
Siamese Pork Ribs (Php. 340)
This is one of our Thai Bistro's favorites and I love how they did away with the boring white ceramic plating and similar to the satay, these juicy sweet pork ribs were placed on top of a mini grill too. Still one of the best pork ribs in town and I'm pretty sure my family would be extremely happy to know that there are now two restaurants that serves this.

silk road 3
Pandan Chicken
Another Thai staple and Silk Road has perfectly mastered in keeping the chicken juicy and flavorful inside the delicate pandan wrapper. The truth is, Paul was never a fan of Pandan Chicken which is why we never would order this whenever we would dine at a Thai restaurant. However, he has managed to try this at Silk Road and said it was pretty good. Woohoo! That's something new.

silk road 8
Pineapple Rice (Php. 320)
I liked the sweet and salty contrast of this traditional Thai fried rice. This went well with all our dishes that day.

silk road 11
Takhoo Thai (Php. 190)
Ever since I had Takhoo back when I was still a kid. This has been my favorite Thai dessert and my family would make it a point to have plates of these as we can all finish one whole order per person. Even after I found out that I can't take corn anymore, I would then patiently remove every bit of corn kernel just to enjoy this still. We love the tapioca pearl (sago) pudding topped with creamy coconut custard and red jelly.

It was such a fun and totally filling lunch at Silk Road as we enjoyed the delicious Thai dishes which we miss so much. I'll definitely be back and I'm bringing the clan with me!

Check out Silk Road at 4th avenue cor 31st street, Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City. Call them at 824-1678 / 0923-4218294. 

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