B&B Burgers and Brewskies in Burgos Circle, BGC

Burgers and Brewskies.

By just hearing the name, thoughts of fun bonding sessions with friends come to my mind. It was just perfect that my first visit at Burgers & Brewskies a.k.a. B&B would be with my fellow food bloggers. Paul and I were so excited to go as it will surely be a crazy and happy lunch with these funny, food-loving bunch!

B&B is a newly opened restaurant in Burgos Circle and as mentioned in its name, it specializes in burgers, beer and one more B -- buffalo wings! As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by the familiar happy chatter of our friends coming from the second floor. The restaurant is quite small so I'm pretty sure it can be crowded on a busy day. It has a very laid back feel reminding me of one of my favorite burger places here in Singapore. It's definitely the place to go after a busy day at work and you're in the mood for good food, a bottle of beer and the right company to unwind with.

The menu was pretty extensive with 8 kinds of burgers, 5 types of buffalo wings and an array of starters. Since we wanted to try most of it, we agreed to share. Now, sit back and watch this gastronomic parade of yumminess which we all enjoyed at B&B:

burgers & brewskies 3
Let me start with the star of the show -- the burgers. Among all the ones that we've sampled, I fell in love with the Call the Nurse (Php. 280). A juicy piece of beef patty topped with Honey Sriracha Bacon and get this, Seared Mac & Cheese! It felt like a dream come true for me as I just love burgers, mac & cheese and bacon! Who would have thought that it was possible to have all of them together? The bacon, despite using Sriracha hot sauce, was not spicy at all. It gave a more interesting dimension to the already exciting burger - mac & cheese duo.

burgers & brewskies 5
Next to the Call the Nurse, I also loved the Cloud (Php. 230) burger. This time the burger patty was topped with Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms with Dried Figs. Mmm very umami! I love anything with mushrooms and the dried figs was a good sweet touch. Really yummy!

burgers & brewskies 4
For those who wants a more classic taste then the Relish (Php. 225) is for you. You'll love the sweet and tangy tomato jam, basil garlic pesto and pickled onions which tastes like the burgers that we all grew up having but with a more gourmet taste thanks to the pesto. I find this to have a very light, clean taste which was a welcome break after going burger crazy with the first two mentioned above.

After which though, the party continues.. for my taste buds at least.

burgers & brewskies 6
For those who wants it hot, then try the Hector Salamaca (Php. 240). Burger served with B&B's homemade chili oil, cheese sauce, Jalapeno crema, tomato salsa and crisp nacho strips. It must be my training for eating all those laksa and chili here but I just felt a mild harmless spicy kick as I tried this burger. Not the fiery kind that would numb my taste buds which was fine as I still wanted to enjoy the wings too.

burgers & brewskies 7
Non-beef eater will still be enjoy dining at B&B as they have this amazing Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Php. 230) which is a hefty piece of BBQ chicken burger topped with Rum BBQ Sauce and Fried Onion Strings. I'm so happy that our friend I shared this with us. The chicken patty was surprisingly juicy as most of the grilled chicken burger that we've tried were normally bland and dry. This was definitely not the case with B&B's version.

B&B wings
In addition to the burgers, we got to try a number of Buffalo Wings too! There's the Classic Buffalo (Php. 220), Sweet Chili (Php. 195), Sesame Sriracha (Php. 195), Zesty BBQ (Php. 195) and our personal favorite -- the Honey Garlic (Php. 195). It's always a joy to have buffalo wings as it goes perfectly well with the burgers.

burgers & brewskies 1
If you want to munch on something else with your burgers and wings, try the Cuban Missile (Php. 120) which is a whole corn on the cob covered with mayonnaise and spiced shredded cheese. Not quite sure what this tastes like but by judging the reactions of my lunchmates, it seems like it was pretty good.

We also tried the SPF (Php. 65) which is a really addicting basket of Sweet Potato Fries coated with B&B's secret spiced mix.

burgers & brewskies 2
Those who wants it more loaded could try the Chili Cheese Fries (Php. 160) which are thick-cut fries topped with chili con carne, chili sauce, cheese sauce and sour cream.

How's that for lunch?! I enjoyed almost all the burgers and wings that we were able to try and I find the prices to be very reasonable. Imagine having a HUGE burger for less than Php 300. I tell you, that is a great deal!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Visit B&B Burgers and Brewskies at Unit E, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Call them at 403-4038. Like them on Facebook

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