Burlamacco Ristorante in Amoy Street, Singapore

"Tsia Ka Ho."

This is one thing that my dad always reminds me to do every since I gained a little bit of independence and a wee bit higher allowance during my university years. In English, it means "Eat Better/Well". I guess my overprotective Papa feels that without this reminder I might be munching on pizza, burgers, fries or worst chips all day long. He doesn't mind the fact that I somehow lived in the Starbucks Coffee shop across our school but he keeps on telling me that I can't live on sandwiches and frappuccinos all throughout my 5 years in college. So, with his constant reminder, I would go to treat myself to a really good meal once in a while. Luckily, there were a couple of choices available near school so on some days I'll head to this really nice restaurant and have some Prawns Thermidor or I'll spend some me-time at a Japanese restaurant with a bowl of Seafood Chahan and a plate of Gyoza. To my 18-year-old self those were considered quite fancy already.

Fast forward 10 12 years later, I continue to remember my Papa's words of wisdom and would still go out for a nice lunch once in a while. One of those said lunches that I had was at Burlamacco Ristorante with some of my colleagues at work. The restaurant is located just two blocks away from our office making it very accessible. It's a small, intimate Italian food which I think has just been opened less than two years ago. In Singapore's fast-paced foodie world, being able to last this long is a great achievement.

burlamacco 2
We decided to go for the Executive Set Lunch (S$34++) that day. Of course, we just had to start our meal with a basket of freshly baked bread. Ohhh so yummy! I love how crunchy the crust was on the outside and fluffy soft inside. The butter should have been a bit soft and melted though as it was a bit of a challenge to spread cold hard butter onto the bread.

burlamacco 1
To go with this, we also had some bubbly. Delicious Italian prosecco, of course.

burlamacco 3
Starters was Pan Fried Foie Gras with Green Tomato Relish (+ S$10). I normally would go for a plate of fresh salads but for some reason my tastebuds were looking for something more sinful...something that my conscience would go "tsk tsk tsk" but my tummy would happily indulge in. No regrets here as I let the delicious foie gras melt in my mouth. The green tomato relish had a subtle sweet note just perfectly complementing the savory foie gras.

burlamacco 4
For my mains, I had Pan Seared Lamb Loin with Mushroom and Truffle Mashed Potato. Heaven. This is exactly how I'd describe my feeling as I bit into my first slice of lamb. It was tender, really juicy and totally odor-free. The mashed potato which I'm sure intended to play the sidekick but it starred just the same. The mushroom au jus gently laced around the tender meat making it a wonderful marriage of flavor.

burlamacco 5
Lastly, I was supposed to get the Chocolate Crostata with Vanilla Ice Cream (+S$6) but quickly discovered a tiny curly hair on my scoop of ice cream. *ewwww* In fairness to the waitstaff, he quickly sent it back to the kitchen (and straight to the trash bin, I hope) and offered to give me a new one provided I'll have to wait a little longer. Since we were in a rush and I was quite full already, I just said no. I'm so happy though that K generously shared a bit of her Chocolate Crostata with me. I love that they made use of rich and creamy chocolate.

It was such a relaxing and nice lunch at Burlamacco Ristorante. I can't wait to go home and to tell Papa all about my "tsia ka ho" lunch!

Burlamacco Ristorante is located at 77 Amoy Street, Singapore. Contact them at 6220-1763

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