Hit by Cupid's Arrow on WeChat


It has been said over and over again how the internet has been successful in connecting lives and building relationships. We've seen how it has been so beneficial for people like us who lives thousand of miles away from home. It allows us to keep in touch with our family to the point of making them just a short message or a voice call away. I get to be updated with every thing that is happening at home down to where my parents went for dinner. Take for example the 35th wedding anniversary of my parents which they celebrated two months ago. While I wasn't there with them physically, I saw the dishes that they enjoyed that evening and got real time photos of them blowing their anniversary cake too. At times when Mommy can't get hold of me, she would just leave a short voice message telling me about her day and reminding me to take good care of myself. With technology, the fact of having the South China Sea in between me and my loved ones can easily be neglected as it just feels like I'm living a block away from home with all the daily updates that I get and have been sending back too.

wechat philippines

In time for Valentine's day, let me share a little cheezy moment that Paul and I had a couple of days ago. Yes, we see each other daily but while I'm at the office, he would send me short messages to check if I've had lunch and what time I'll be heading home. On other days, he would just surprise me with a sweet sticker message to express how he feels. As you all know, Paul is truly a man of few words so these stickers speak volume already. Of course, I just have to reply back with a short voice message as I can easily do this even while walking to the bus stop.

wechat philippines

We make use of a mobile app called WeChat which is available across different platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, etc) and all over Asia I believe as I am also in touch with my cousin-in-law F who lives in China. As you all know, China is really strict with the websites and apps that their residents use that even this particular blog cannot be accessed by people in China. My cousin-in-law would post photos of her beautiful daughters in Moments where I can like or comment as I please. What makes Moments nice though is this is only accessible to your contacts so you are assured of securely posting personal photos that only your friends can see.

WeChat is really easy to use and I love how simple yet fully functional it is. From the voice message options, to the cute stickers that my younger cousins would go crazy sending one another with to Moments, there are a lot more things that WeChat can do the best thing of all is it keeps us connected with one another wherever we may be in the world.

Love is in the Air with WeChat

wechat philippines

In time for Valentine's Day, WeChat Philippines is giving away an iPad Air to a lucky contest participant. How to join, you may ask?

1) Simply post a photo with your valentine* on your Facebook page with a caption explaining why he/she/it is your valentine and don't forget to tag @WeChatPH  and #WeLove. Make sure to put that post on Public or else it won't be visible to the contest judges. 

2) Ask your friends to share and like the photo. 

3) The Most Popular Photo will win the iPad Air while the Most Creative Photo, Sweetest Photo and Touching Photo will each get 1,000 diamonds for the game Gunz Dash. 

4) This contest will run from February 10 - 16, 2014.

Do you have what it takes to win your very own iPad Air? Join now!

Like WeChatPhilippines on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too!

* Your valentine is not limited to your significant other, this may be a family member, your beloved pet or just about anyone or anything dear to you. 

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