Cooking with Fran (and Paul): Pork Sinigang Soup

Today was indeed a lazzzyyyyyy Sunday!

Waking up later than usual and really wanting to stay longer in bed but knowing that we have to get up already. Paul and I moved rather in slower motion today. Naturally, we both opted to just stay home and to leisurely enjoy our home-cooked meal instead of heading out to the mall and joining the busy shopping crowd.

maggi 5
A few months ago, we had just the same lazy Sunday and we decided to cook Pork Sinigang Soup! Being novices in the kitchen arena, we would usually just have pasta, stir-fry veggies, a variety of egg dishes or baked or grilled meats for dinner. It's funny that the both of us have very little experience cooking Filipino dishes -- a confession that would generate great disbelief from friends whenever they hear this.

The idea to try making Pork Sinigang Soup came about when I received a big hamper from Maggi! The bag was filled with packs of Maggi Magic Sarap, a product I know so well after years handling a food magazine and Maggi Sinigang Mix. Since we had very limited luggage space, I brought all the Maggi Sinigang packs back with me and saved the Magic Sarap for my next return.

With zero idea on how to make Sinigang Soup, the first thing that we did was to RESEARCH. Thank goodness for the hundreds of recipes available online. We took one that we think was easy to follow and altered it to meet our liking. Just for everyone to know, Sinigang is a Filipino tamarind soup normally cooked with pork ribs, shrimps or veggies. I think it's similar to the Thai Tom Yum Soup only without the spicy note.

Finally, we had all our ingredients with us and here's how we have created our very first Pork Sinigang Soup:

maggi 1
1) Boil the pork, tomatoes and onion. Do this first to be able to have a really flavorful broth also it will take a while for the pork to cook and be tender too.

maggi 2
2) Add in the veggies, since we don't have the same kind of veggies found in Manila, we learned to be creative. For our soup, we had cabbage and string beans. Eggplant may also be added but since I'm not a fan of it, we decided to skip it.

maggi 3
3) Let the soup boil. We made use of our Maggi magnetic kitchen timer to help us keep track of the time.

maggi 4
4) Sprinkle your Maggi Sinigang Mix. Continue to boil for 3 more minutes.


I have to say that our Pork Sinigang Soup was a success! We love the tangy soup matched with the tender pork ribs. So good that we happily enjoyed this with a plate of rice. Here's the start of our fun cooking adventure here at the Lion City!

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