Ladies Night at Hi-So in So! by Sofitel Singapore

I love my job.

There, I said it for the world to read. I'd say that I've been really blessed in the career front. Throughout my 9 years ride, there have been a lot of dreams that came true -- working for two brands that I love, being part of the company that I've been dreaming to work for since college and to have the opportunity to move to that one country that I'm so in love with and to work for such a dynamic and amazing organization. It's too early to sum everything up as I know I have a lot more to go but there's really nothing more than I can ask for at the moment. Okay, fine maybe to reach the top level someday (hahaha!)

No matter how stressful my load can sometimes be, I think I've somehow mastered the art of what we corporate folks would call "work-life balance." For me, going home to enjoy a good dinner with Paul is enough to push all my stressknots away. Blogging has always been my release as well as meeting up with friends, trying a new restaurant or hanging out by the pool. I also believe in taking mid-week breaks. Be it going out for dinner, catching a late night movie or hanging out with my colleagues.

Just a few blocks away from my office is the newly opened So! by Sofitel. I'm very familiar with Sofitel but it was my first time to walk into So! and I quickly noticed the difference from the classic and very posh look, huge spaces and tall ceilings to one that's screaming FAB and CHIC in very corner. Coloured furniture pieces, pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen clicking their heels as they walk down the runway hallway, So! gives a very cool and fun vibe perfect for the younger yet still affluent market. I took the lift up to the top floor where Hi-So was located.

hi-so 2
Hi-So is an open air bar where you can chill and sip in your own cabana-like booths. The best time to be here would be during the evening where the temperature is cooler and you can just enjoy Singapore CBD's skyline. I somehow feel bad though enjoying my glass of champagne as some employees from the nearby offices are still hard at work even past 10 in the evening. Hope this would be inviting enough for them to take a break and to enjoy a glass or two as well.

hi-so 1
This was the view that greeted me. Look at the pool made with golden tiles! It's like Midas just did some laps into this pool and it's not glistening gold. So pretty!

hi-so 3
Every Wednesday, Hi-So treats all ladies to a free welcome glass of Ruinart Champagne and should one glass be not enough for you as I trust that you'll definitely want more -- each glass only costs S$10 all night long. I'm no expert drinker but the Ruinart Champagne was really good. It was so suave as how I'd describe it and it was light and sweet too. I barely kept count of the number of champagne glasses I had that evening but I just have to say, I went home a really happy and relaxed woman.

Here are some bar chows that you can enjoy with you drink:

hi-so 4
Marinated Olives with Chili

hi-so 5
Cheese Platter 

They also have Duck Wantons which was so good that I wasn't able to take a photo anymore as everyone quickly grabbed a piece. Perfectly deep-fried and filled with tasty duck fillet, it went so well with our glasses of champagne.

So ladies, make Wednesday night your night as you and your friends or colleagues can unwind and enjoy some bubbly. Trust me, a mid-week break can truly make a difference.

Check out Hi-So at So! by Sofitel Singapore, 38 Robinson Road, Singapore. 

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