Tai-Parfait : Taiyaki Ice Cream Cone in Bugis Junction

Recently, I received an email from a dear reader whom I'll call V and here's what she wrote:

Dear Franny, 
My nephew who just moved to Singapore said he heard of a taiyaki served as an ice cream cone somewhere in Singapore. Wonder if you could find it and show how it looks like?

Here's my reply:

Dearest V, 
Your wish is my command! Thanks to your email, I now found a new ice cream place to visit every time I'm in the Bugis district. This blog post is for you
Love, Franny ♥ 

tai parfait sg 4
Paul and I met up with a couple of friends from high school over lunch yesterday and luckily the restaurant was just a few blocks away from Bugis. I told Paul about V's email and he was very supportive and was game to search for this interesting taiyaki-meets-ice-cream-cone concept that V has mentioned in her email. A quick research brought us to the basement of Bugis Junction where we found Tai-Parfait. Tadahhhh!

tai parfait sg 2
First things first, what is a Taiyaki? This is a fish-shaped waffle filled with normally azuki (red bean) or any kind of custard. In Manila, we're probably more familiar with the Korean Ice Cream brand Melona that sells these Taiyaki filled with azuki and ice cream.

tai parfait sg 1
Tai-Parfait has put two of these Asian favorite desserts together, Ice Cream Parfait and Taiyaki, all into one innovative creation. The concept is CUTE! Though not really the cheapest as the regular parfaits sells at S$4.20-S$4.90 while the ones with ice cream goes up to S$5.90. Well, as my mom would always say -- good quality comes with a price.

Since we were still so full from our lunch, Paul and I agreed to share. We chose the Tai-Parfait Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream (S$5.90) with Azuki filled Taiyaki. Yay! I was so excited as we waited for our order to be ready. The service was quick! Considering that the store was full and there was a queue, we waited for just about 5 minutes before our number was finally called.

tai parfait sg 3
We both loved the Hokkaido Soft Served Ice Cream because it's so milky and has just the right yummy texture and taste. It wasn't too sweet and the ice cream perfectly complemented the buttery taiyaki and the creamy azuki filling inside. Once again, we discovered a gem and we have V to thank for.

The secret to the delicious Taiyaki lies in the ingredients used. For Tai-Parfait, they make use of Premium Almond Powder which gives the waffle soft to the bite yet with a crunch. We also feel that this is the reason why the batter has a sweet buttery taste making it soooo good.

Check out Tai-Parfait located at the basement of Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #B1-03A. They will soon open a branch in Vivo City by October which is really good news to me!

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