McDonald's Delight 500 : Grilled Chicken McWrap

Peer pressure [n]: social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted. (Source)

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I know, I know... I'm too old to be "pressured" by my peers but when it comes to food, I have a good circle of friends whom I trust for their recommendations. Included in this circle is my friend I. She's a foodie herself and is a great cook too. She's someone who got an amazing taste in food and so far, I've loved every single recommended restaurant that she has brought the NKids to. So, when I began talking about McDonald's Grilled Chicken McWrap (S$5.40 a la carte / S$7 meal) and how it's one of the healthier options on McDonald's menu, I knew I had to give it a try. All the more when she and C would bring home these McWraps to enjoy for breakfast or to bring to work the next day.

So, over lunch today, Paul and I decided to head over to McDonald's for me to finally try the McWrap. Look how big the packaging was. I was actually surprised as I was expecting that this won't be very filling judging from the picture on the menu board. It's about a foot long, pretty much like a sub sandwich.

mcdonalds sg 2
It may look quite empty when viewed from the top but as I enjoyed my Grilled Chicken McWrap, I had to take small careful bites as the middle portion was bursting with the chopped veggies and grilled chicken fillet. They have also added a generous amount of creamy sauce which made it so tasty!

mcdonalds sg 3
So what makes this a healthier option? Well, the Grilled Chicken McWrap is filled with fresh lettuce, purple cabbage, tomato slices and carrots together with the grilled skinless chicken fillet and tucked inside a wholegrain tortilla. I happily ate this with no guilt as it has basically everything I wish for in a chicken wrap that it actually feels like this was customized just for me. For those who are aware of my picky eating habit will totally understand why -- wholegrain over white tortilla, skinless yet tender chicken meat, no corn, not spicy. What more can I ask for?!

This was truly a good find and I have my friend I to thank for. I wish this will be a mainstay in McDonald's menu from now on as this is definitely a healthier choice compared to my usual Fillet o Fish Meal.

Visit any McDonald's outlet anywhere in Singapore.

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