Christmas Feast #3: Morganfield's Christmas Platter

Merry Christmas!!!

Finally my most favorite time of the year is here and I'm one happy happy girl! Lately, Paul and I have been dining with friends to celebrate the holiday season. We have just been back for a few days and so far our days are packed with get-togethers and meet-ups with family and friends whom we have been so excited to catch up and be reunited with. If there's one holiday that we promised we'll never missed, it would definitely be this.

morganfields sg 6
So, what are you plans for Christmas Day? If you're thinking of taking the family out for a good meal, why not go and have a feast! Morganfield's recently launched their special Morgan's Christmas Feast (S$149.90++). This is good for 4-5 or even more to share! Each platter will give you 4 grilled sausages, half slab of the Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones, half slab of the Christmas Hazelnut Sticky Bones, tender Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Ham Slices, Smoked Turkey Legs and a wide-array of sides such as roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, corn bread, green beans and caramelized onions. We were only able to try a few small pieces here and there as we had to share this platter with a large group but from what I've tried, only the Hazelnut Sticky Bones were quite memorable. I love the sweet hazelnut flavored sauce which made use of the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar beer which I was also able to have a sip of much later. I wasn't able to try the ham nor the sausages but they sure looks good. Aside from the Hazelnut Sticky Bones there's the Cranberry Sticky Bones which made use of dried cranberries while grilling the ribs. Sadly, this was quickly taken by my fellow diners so neither Paul and I were able to try this. Do let me know what you think of it in the comment section below. 

morganfields sg 4
For chicken fans, they also have the Christmas Hazelnut Roast Chicken (S$28.90). Marinated once again with the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Beer, the chicken was very tender although I could hardly pinpoint how different the taste was supposed to be. Oh dear... perhaps the marinade was just to make it more tender which they were very successful at nonetheless.

morganfields sg 5
Of course, what's Christmas without ham right? For those celebrating at home, you can avail of the Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Leg of Ham (S$168.90) which would definitely make a good inclusion to your party! It's really huge making it good for more than 12 pax in fact. I love how tender it was and the glaze has made it a bit sweet. So yummy!

morganfields sg 9
For dessert, try the Cranberry n Peach Crumble (S$13.90) which is a ramekin of stewed cranberries and peaches and topped with butter sugar crumbs and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I'm such a big fan of warm/hot desserts paired with ice cream. Definitely a very comforting sweet treat that perfectly complemented all the savory dishes that we were able to try.

morganfields sg 1
I don't normally drink but since it's the yuletide season, I happily enjoyed the Santa's Big Mug (S$25.90) which is a 1L frosty beer mug filled with a yummy mix of American craft beer and Kronenbourg Blanc. The mix was very light and was just the best accompaniment while we were enjoying our rack of ribs!

Morganfield's is located at 1 Vista Exchange Green, Unit #02-23, The Star Vista, Singapore.

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