Yeast Bistronomy in Kuala Lumpur

As much as the idea of staying in bed for the entire day and to just laze around the hotel room sounds so inviting, this is normally not the case whenever I travel. For someone who loves to take it easy and slow, my travel itinerary is always planned around meals. This means, I should have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks in between. No time can ever be wasted as there are just so much to try and oftentimes, so little time to do them all.

yeast kl 7
So, during our quick weekend getaway to Kuala Lumpur, we were up and out of the hotel at 8am on a Saturday morning. Our breakfast destination was at Bangsar, a town located at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. I'm guessing that this place is majority residential so it's interesting to note that there are quite a number of must-visit cafes and restaurants that recently opened in this area. One of those has been rated as one of the best brunch places in Kuala Lumpur.

yeast kl 5
I guess a lot of people had the same plan of having breakfast at Yeast as the place was packed and we sadly had to wait for 15 minutes for a table to clear up. Luckily, service was really fast as we immediately got our orders within minutes of placing them. The menu was quite simple with a couple of egg dishes and a wide assortment of baked pastries and bread.

Pan and Mommy had coffee that morning -- Brewed Coffee for Mommy, Cappuccino (RM10) for Pan. No complains from my coffee connoisseur sister so I'd take that as a good sign. Since I was nursing a sore throat, the server (he's Pinoy, by the way) was so kind to give me a plate of sliced lemons which I happily dump into my glass of warm water. Ahh so refreshing.

Here are the things we had at Yeast:

yeast kl 2
Oeufs Mollets Florentine (RM20)
It's a piping hot skillet of two eggs sitting on top of a bed of spinach, mushroom and gruyere cheese sauce. It was yummy! The best way to enjoy this is to top this on your slice bread and munch away. The eggs were perfectly soft boiled so you get the runny yolk and the creamy egg white consistency. I get a kick out of breaking the yolk and admiring the bright yellow yolk-y mess as it coats the spinach and mushroom within seconds.

yeast kl 8
Olive Ciabatta (RM4.50)
The power of sampling. While waiting for a table to be cleared, I tried a small piece of olive ciabatta which was being offered by the cashier station. I loved it! So, this was what I ordered that morning together with a serving of French Butter and Apricot Jam (RM 4.50) which were delightful. I have a very odd way of eating my toast. I would spread over a thin layer of salted butter and top this with a scoop of sweet jam. I just love the marriage of sweet-salty flavors as it hits my taste buds and lingers there for a couple of minutes. Lip-smacking delicious!

yeast kl 9
Chausson au Canard Fume et Gruyere (RM15)
This was Pan's order. She has been eyeing the Duck Cheese Puff while we were waiting outside the cafe. It was really good as they didn't scrimp on the duck meat and the cheese totally sealed the deal for us. Yum!

yeast kl 4
Mommy also ordered the Almond Croissant (RM7.50) which was good but I honestly felt was a bit too expensive. The bread was flaky and butter but nothing truly spectacular about it.

yeast kl 1
So there you go, we had such a hearty big breakfast at Yeast and left the cafe so happy and satisfied with our choices. After all, breakfast should be the most important meal of the day and we got that covered. Should you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur, make sure to take the short ride down to Bangsar for a nice cup of coffee and bread at Yeast. Yeast also serves lunch, dinner and after dinner sweets too.

p.s. My apologies for the yellow-y photos. The lighting wasn't cooperating with me that morning. :-/ 

Yeast is located at 24G Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call them at +603 2282 0118

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