Hotel Review: Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

During our quick weekend getaway in Kuala Lumpur, my sister offered to make use of her accumulated miles to fully pay for our 2 nights hotel accommodation at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Thank goodness for jet-setting little sisters who got a substantial amount of miles that needed to be redeemed soon! The best part about this is that the choices available were really nice. It was pretty much choosing from a number of 5-star hotels in the city. What a good problem to have!

sheraton imperial kl 16
Sheraton Imperial Hotel is one of the premier hotels in Kuala Lumpur. It's located along the busy Jalan Sultan Ismail where the nearest monorel station (Medan Tuanku) is just right beside the hotel's entrance. It's quite convenient to go to the busy shopping area (Bukit Bintang) or to have some late night snack at Jalan Alor. Sadly, the KLCC area is a bit out of the way as it's too near to take a cab to but a bit too far to walk. The hotel is also beside a street called Heritage Walk, it's lined up with bars and pubs which lights the street up at night.

Trust me, we walked to the Petronas Towers and I don't recommend that you do this at all. It was less than a kilometer walk but I forgot to factor in that the roads of Kuala Lumpur is not so smooth and safe as it is here in Singapore. This also involves a number of running across the intersections as the pedestrian traffic lights are not working. To get to the KLCC area, the best way is to take a cab or to go the long route via the train.

sheraton imperial kl 9
Since Pan is also a Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) member, we got a really spacious (42sqm) Deluxe Room at the SPG floor too. I'm not really sure what the difference of the room here as compared to the other floors but we noticed that our room was tidied up twice, our water bottles constantly replenished, our request for several cutleries and plates were immediately attended to and we got our daily newspaper too!

sheraton imperial kl 12
Our room had two queen-sized beds, a nice couch and big bathroom too. As you know, almost all hotels in Kuala Lumpur has a bidet installed in their toilet which makes it so perfect for us neat freaks. The bed was very comfy and I slept so soundly on both nights which is rare as normally the first night can be quite restless for me.

sheraton imperial kl 14
I also found it cool that they have a separate dressing room where guests can hang their clothes, iron them and store them especially during longer stays. This is something modern boutique hotels have long removed due to space constrains and it's cool that Sheraton Imperial still has this.

sheraton imperial kl 13
Here's one thing that instantly won my heart. Lots of water bottles! I do appreciate that Sheraton Imperial made sure that we won't go thirsty at any given time of the day. Yes, most hotels do provide water but they normally limit it to one bottle per guest. So, for people who drink like a camel like yours truly, we normally have to buy a huge bottle of water to replenish this at the middle of the night.

sheraton imperial kl 1
On our last morning in Kuala Lumpur, we decided to request for a later check-out time to just relax in our hotel room. We also went down to Essence to avail of their buffet breakfast. Another plus when you're an SPG member, you get a big discount in all F&B outlets too. Yay!

sheraton imperial kl 10
The selection was plenty but there were just a few that I really liked. Being more conscious in eating healthy, I frequented the smoked salmon, cereals and the fruits section the most.

sheraton imperial kl 3
They also have a mix of local and International cuisines which my sister and Mommy were able to try. I was so happy though that the egg station chef made me a delicious Egg Whites Omelet which was packed with lots of cheese, mushroom and bell peppers. Yum!

Here are the other stations that you can find in Essence:

sheraton imperial kl 5
Congee Station
sheraton imperial kl 4
Beef Pot Pie
sheraton imperial kl 6
Gluten Free Breads
sheraton imperial kl 7
Another popular dining establishment is Celestial Court which is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. They actually have a Dimsum Buffet promotion but we were so full from breakfast that we skipped lunch altogether.

sheraton imperial kl 8
For those who wants to get a tan or to just have a good swim, the pool is located at the 5th level. It's not very big but it's okay to just hang around especially when you got kids in tow.

sheraton imperial kl 15
Over-all we enjoyed our stay at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, the service was really good and we just love how spacious the entire hotel was. There's also a new mall that recently opened across the hotel. My only gripe was the lack of a safe pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the road. We later on resorted to paying RM1.20 at the monorel station to cross. The most expensive way to cross a street ever!

Check out Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visit their official website for more details. 

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