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I must have mentioned a million times how technology has played a vital role in helping us cope with homesickness. Sure, we may live more than a thousand kilometers away from home but being able to get in touch with my family whenever I want to has helped ease the sadness whenever I miss them so much.

sskype haw sisters
Sister Act: Me and Pan during one of our many Skype chats
What's important is to have a good internet connection. The worst times are when the connection would hang and you'd be spending most of your time saying "hello? hello? can you hear me? hellooo?" rather than to update each other on how our respective days went.

In today's age, technology has proven to help us make life easier. From assisting the kids in getting their home works done, to adults interacting with one another and coordinating their business too, it's not a big surprise to see home fully equipped with a broadband connection for everyone to stay connected. I have to admit that I can't imagine life now without the internet.

For the past years, being online every time has helped me reconnect with long time friends and even relatives whom I haven't had the chance to get to know more in the past. It's really amazing if you think about it. How technology and the internet has somehow broken that barrier wherever you may be in the world and it's easy to just drop a simple hello whenever you want to and wherever you may be.

I recently watched this really adorable and funny video of a kid named Diego who suddenly shocked his family when he asked a certain question. Watch how his family reacted and helped him answer the question.

Holding the award proudly are PLDT EVP and head of HOME business Ariel Fermin (left) and PLDT VP and head of HOME marketing Gary Dujali (right)
It's no surprise then that PLDT Home won the Araw Awards for two campaigns : Project Evolution and Ask Diego (video above). It speaks a lot about connecting the family through technology. Read more about this amazing win here.

This 2015, it's truly the time to connect and re-connect.

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