Cake Spade : The Daily Cake Store in Orchid Hotel, Singapore

"Care for some dessert?

Admit it. No matter how full you may be after a meal, the thought of enjoying dessert never fails to put a smile on your face. Be it a scoop of ice cream, a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake, a meal will never be considered complete without dessert. That said, a trip to one of my favorite cake shop here in Singapore is something that I always look forward to. Luckily, it's located so close to my workplace so it's so easy to just pop by to buy a box of cake for someone dear or to enjoy a slice or two when my stress level calls for it.

cake spade sg 1
Yesterday though, the goal was to introduce Cake Spade to my newly married friend L. This was after pigging out over our individual gyoza lunch sets at Gyoza King. I'm so glad that L is such a great eating companion that she was so game to have some cake after lunch. Yay!

cake spade sg 5
As you walk in the cake store, you'll immediately catch a whiff of that comforting scent of delicious baked treats every single time. It just feels like stepping inside your home and smelling mom's newly baked cookies or bars. There were a lot of cakes on display making it extra challenging to make our choice.

Finally, we went for their famous (and my personal favorite) Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake (S$5.90 / S$52) and the super moist Red Velvet Cake (S$5.90 / S$52). I wanted L to try more so I insisted that she bring home an extra slice of Spiced Carrot Cake (S$5.90 / S$52) for her and her hubby PB to enjoy.

cake spade sg 2
I have to admit that it took me awhile to try the Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake simply because I wasn't a fan of anything with tofu much more when it's in my cake. It wasn't until I tried it during one of our office birthday parties that I instantly fell in love with it. It's a very light silky cheesecake with a gelatin covered fruity top. No taste of tofu which I'm so happy about. The crust is made out of digestive cookies making it a tad healthier compared to the regular cheesecakes in the market. Since then, I've been ordering this any chance I get.

cake spade sg 3
The Red Velvet is another favorite of mine. This is one of the few icing-covered cake that I can eat without scraping the icing off. Since it's made off cream cheese frosting, I find the cake sweetness to be just right. The chocolate sponge cake is very moist and a bit dense too so do share this with your special someone or with a friend as eating it alone can be too much.

I sure hope L and PB enjoyed the Spiced Carrot Cake. I had that during I's birthday two years ago and I loved it! It's definitely an upgraded, more sophisticated version of the widely popular Carrot Cake. I love the generous chopped walnuts that you'd get in every bite and it has a strong cinnamon (and I detected some nutmeg) taste too thus calling it "spiced".

There are about 10 more other items available at Cake Spade and I have yet to try them. Every time I visit, I always tell myself to get something new but I can't help but I always end up sticking to my usual favorites every.single.time. What is predictable? *sigh*

Cake Spade is located at 1 Tras Link, 01-06 Orchid Hotel Singapore, 078867. Call them at 6444-3868 for whole cake orders. 

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