High Society Cafe at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Paul and I booked an overnight staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore. Anyway, let me tell you more about that in my next few posts. Allow me to skip and talk about the lunch that we had the day after Valentine's Day.

high society sg 3
Since we had a hearty breakfast at the hotel, lunch for us was at 2pm. We got two Groupon vouchers from cousin J for High Society Cafe at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands so we decided to check the restaurant out since we were already in the area. To be honest, I had no idea where the restaurant was as it was only Paul and his cousins who went and ate there before. After walking for about 10 minutes, I spotted the restaurant. It's funny that I don't recall seeing this before perhaps it was overshadowed by the Cold Storage and The CD Shop beside it. The best landmark is to look for Cold Storage and Toast Box which is located across the restaurant.

I'm quite impressed with the classy, very English royalty interior though. Velvet upholstered furniture pieces, warm yellow lighting, wooden walls and I think I remembered seeing some "coat of arms"-like design somewhere too. The restaurant has a very elegant, formal dining feel which I personally think doesn't fit right given it's located at the basement of The Shoppes @ MBS where all casual, lower end restaurants are located and far away from the celebrity chef-owned restaurant.

high society sg 2
We weren't feeling very hungry so we agreed to share an appetizer and a main dish for lunch. On our way in, I spotted someone enjoying a plate of calamari. Ohh my weakness! Next to fried rice, deep-fried calamari is #2 favorite food in the world! Seriously, just give me that and rice and I'll be a happy happy lady! The Breaded Calamari (S$12) came with 8 calamari rings and creamy garlic aioli. I like how the breading had a light salty taste making it really tasty. It was really yummy albeit the expensive price tag for a simple appetizer.

high society sg 1
To go with the calamari, we shared a plate of Bolognaise Spaghetti (S$18) the serving was pretty generous that it was really good to be shared by two. Sadly, I didn't like the pasta at all. Let me start with the noodles, I don't get why the noodles were all cut up into small pieces. It was way too small that you can totally forego any plans of twirling your pasta noodles with your fork the usual way and to just use a spoon to scoop it up. This alone ruined the whole pasta eating experience for me. Next, the sauce was a-okay, I was happy that the meat to tomato to cheese ratio was good. I just had a few spoonfuls of this and just focused my attention back to the calamari.

It was a quick lunch but a good one. I really do enjoy spending meal time with Paul where we can talk, eat and share stories with one another. This is our way of making everyday, Valentine's Day. ♥

Meanwhile, as we were eating, my eyes caught something interesting. Must be my 50 Shades of Grey movie hangover but looks like...

high society sg 4
Mr. Grey is ready to meet you now.:)

Check out High Society Cafe at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-47/48 Singapore. Call them at 6688-7522.

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