Mr Berlin : Authentic German Currywurst in Singapore

Whenever I think of Germany, the following instantly come to mind : Oktoberfest, yummy German sausages, FIFA World Cup 2014 championship and a couple of really pretty luxury cars (hello Audi and BMW!).

Being a foodie, let us focus on those meaty, perfectly grilled German sausages, shall we? 

mr berlin sg 1
Looking back, I remember how Mommy and I love visiting Santi's Deli and we would pick up a mix of German Sausages at least twice a month. It's interesting to note that there are more than 20 types of German sausages, 80% of which I could hardly pronounce. :P However, my favorite is the German Bratwurst which I love having with rice. 

Last Friday lunch was spent with two of my favorite local food bloggers at Mr Berlin. It's a relatively-new restaurant located along Shenton Way, within the busy CBD area of Singapore. Mr Berlin specializes in authentic German currywurst which is a very popular snack made out of chopped chicken/pork sausage and served with a rich tomato-based sauce and a dash of curry powder. For a country that loves anything with curry, I can see how currywurst can be the next food trend hopefully not only in Singapore but within the region too. 

Ordering is a breeze! First, you select what type of sausage you'd like to have -- chicken or pork. Next, you choose the spicy level that you could take -- Berlin Calling (mild), Go West (moderate), Break the Wall (hot). Lastly, you choose your sides! Would you like to have some traditional Red/White Fries (S$12.50) with your currywurst or perhaps a piece of Organic Bread Roll (S$10.90) instead. 

mr berlin sg 4
We couldn't decide which one to get so we decided to try all three! The first was the Pork Sausage with Berlin Calling sauce. Oh, I love how the sausage was grilled giving it a good robust flavor. The sauce doesn't have any hint of spiciness so this is perfect for those who couldn't stand the heat at all. 

mr berlin sg 3
Next, we had the Chicken Sausage with Break the Wall level sauce. It's supposed to be the spiciest sauce but surprisingly, I could still handle the heat. I'm really happy about that as I prefer those with a tolerable spicy kick that's just enough to perk up the taste, rather than the ones that would numb your taste buds forever and eventually ruining the whole dining experience for you.

Between the two types of meat though, my heart belongs to the Pork sausages. I guess it's a personal preference as I grew up eating pork sausages more than the chicken variety.

mr berlin sg 5
Of course, what's a plate of sausage without sides right? We had the Classic Fries Red/White (S$3) which is something new for me. Sure, I would dip my fries on all sorts of sauces -- tomato ketchup, banana ketchup, gravy, mayonnaise, salad dressing, honey mustard, cheese sauce, and the list goes on and on. However, it's interesting to learn that in Germany, fries are always served with ketchup and mayonnaise.

mr berlin sg 6
For those who wants it more exciting, try the Curry Fries (S$5.50) which is Mr Berlin's version of the loaded fries! It's topped with their signature homemade curry ketchup, mayonnaise, a generous serving of minced fresh onions and curry powder. They like serving minced onions so be ready with your mints after dining here most especially when you're out on a date. This was interesting and quite good but I still like my fries uncomplicated so I'd probably go with the Classic Red/White Fries any given day.

mr berlin sg 7
If you want a simpler, more straight-forward but equally yummy and meaty sausage option, try the Cheese Sausage (S$9.80) which is a simple paper plate filled with sliced cheese pork sausage and mustard. So yummy!

mr berlin sg 8
Last but not the least, we tried the Hot Dog "Special" (S$.9.50). It's really the best value for your money as I couldn't believe it's priced less than $10 for something so big and packed!

mr berlin sg 9
Can't imagine how big it is? Here's J's iPhone 6 right beside it. Approximately 10 inches long, this can be shared by two people on top of their individual currywurst and sides!

It was indeed a fun experience to visit Mr Berlin and to try authentic German currywurst. For one thing, this would save you from having to fly all the way to Germany to enjoy some sausages and currywurst as we finally have it here in Singapore. Mr Berlin is definitely the place to go for a quick meaty lunch or to celebrate the end of a work day with a tall glass of beer with friends.

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I can't wait for my next visit! Currywurst, I shall return. ♥

Mr Berlin is located at 1 Shenton Way, 01-09 Singapore 068803. It's open from Monday-Friday, 11am - 10pm. 

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