Brunch Love : Artistry Cafe in Jalan Pinang

Often times, I'd say that Singapore is Asia's booming food mecca. Seriously, you'll never run out of things to eat here. Think of any cuisine and chances are you'll find it here in the Lion City. From hawker centres to restaurants, there has also been an abundant growth of cafes for the past two years and that has brought about a nationwide love for brunch.

artistry sg 8
With the many choices available, I have to admit that it's really hard to find a favorite. Sure, there's that hawker stall that knows exactly how I want my Seafood Fried Rice cooked (no peas, no corn) or that kopi shop selling my favorite Iced Kopi-C and Steamed Chicken Pau but other than that, it's really hard to specify one or two restaurants that I would end up visiting over and over again. I'd say it would take a special establishment to make me go back for two consecutive weeks at the very least. 

artistry sg 1
I must have said that before I actually went to Artistry Cafe. Once again, an interesting cafe in the Kampong Glam area, I chanced upon Artistry a month ago when my best friend L and her hubby T and baby TS came to visit. Given that they have a very busy schedule, we agreed to meet up for brunch. That way we will have enough time to catch up and we would be done by the time Baby TS' nap time rolls in. They don't accept reservation so I highly recommend for you to go early especially when dining with a big group or you'll end up in one of those tiny tables with not-so-comfortable chairs. 

artistry sg 2
The ordering drill is to take your pick from the 3-page menu and to head directly to the main counter where you place your order, pay and take your number block back to your table. Artistry has just updated its menu during the 1st time I was there so I had the privilege to try the highly-recommended the Artistry Chili Crab Burger (S$25). I honestly was a bit hesitant to try it as I was never a fan of the spicy Chili Crab however, my curiosity won me over as the sound of deep-fried blue swimmer crab patty sandwiched in between two sun-dried tomato buns and served with a bowl of their homemade chili crab sauce on the side was just too good to snub. 

artistry sg 6
The verdict? It was FANTASTIC! I love the crab patty which was so crunchy on the outside and deliciously meaty inside. It was crazy! I was so happy that I went for this as it was indeed the best crab burger and crab cake that I've ever had. Even the homemade chili sauce had the right spicy kick but it wasn't too strong to numb your taste buds. I highly recommend for you all to try this. 

Let me also share with you what my brunch companions had that day:

artistry sg 4
L went for the Slipper Lobster & Kombu Linguine (S$20) which she said wasn't so bad. It was a simple oil-based pasta with chunks of lobster meat cooked with Japanese seaweeds and a bit of chili flakes. 

artistry sg 5
Meanwhile, T tried the Duck Confit Pesto Linguine (SS18) which I was so surprised that she chose this. You see, my dear friend T isn't a fan of veggies and pesto is basically basil, garlic and oil among many others. She liked it though and commented that the duck went well with the subtle tasting pasta.

artistry sg 7
Since we all had very savory dishes, it was just right to end it on a sweet note. We let little TS choose the cake that we will try and he went for this lovely Black Sesame Cake which was so yummy! Well done my dear padawan godson, Ninang is so proud of you. :) 

It was such an amazing 1st visit that I couldn't resist the invitation to go back the following week. 

artistry sg 9
This time, I tried the Potato Hash and Scrambled Eggs (S$20) which I was, once again, so happy about. I know, I know... this sounds like a very simple dish but what made it special was how the potato hash where made into bite-sized balls and deep fried, how there was a generous amount of crispy kale sitting on top of the creamy scrambled egg and how every single element of this dish blends perfectly well together. Another amazing dish on my 2nd visit! Oh Artistry, I love you already! ♥

That has been two consecutive happy and satisfying visits to Artistry. I can't wait to go back and try the other items on the menu!

Visit Artistry Cafe at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore. It's the street perpendicular to Arab Street so the closest MRT station would be Bugis

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