Home Baker on Spotlight : Pellegrino's Blueberry Cheesecake

Just like that, we're on to the 5th month of the year and that means... 7 months to go till Christmas! :)

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What makes the 1st of May extra special is it's Pan's birthday! I feel so sad that we're currently not in Manila to celebrate this day with her. However, we made sure to celebrate this day in spirit! First, we helped "blow her birthday candle" here in the Lion City! This was followed by having a delicious buffet dinner with the yummiest dishes which I'll tell you more about in my next post.

For my family, birthdays will never be complete without two things -- a birthday cake and lots of greeting cards. My parents would ensure that we would receive a birthday card every single year and not a year has gone by without it. It's one of the highlights of our birthdays, waking up and seeing a nicely written card by Mommy and Papa. As for the cake, we have our tradition of blowing our the candle and slicing it for everyone to enjoy. Each one has his/her own favorites. Papa will always have chocolate or cheesecake, Mommy loves the healthier options like Apple Crumble, Mango Bravo and anything that's not loaded with icing. As for Pan, she and I have the same love for Dulce de Leche cakes and Strawberry Shortcakes to name a few. We also love cheesecakes regardless if it's the baked or no-bake kind.

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Recently, I discovered Pellegrino's Blueberry Cheesecake (Php. 800/9 inches Php. 400/7 inches, Php. 210/ 4 inches) which was sent to me to try last December. I brought it to my in-law's New Year's party and guess what?! I wasn't able to have a single slice! Our guests loved it so much that some went back for their second or third (even fourth!) servings. So, by the time we helped cleared the table, the only thing left was the cardboard base of the cake. Even Achie J was so intrigued by it so we decided to order another cake 2 days after that.

Finally, we were able to try and I instantly knew why it was a hit! The silky smooth cream cheese filling glides smoothly and the delicious crust made a perfect contrast in every bite. We all loved it the second time around that I couldn't help but order for the 3rd time when I visited Manila a couple of months ago. This time, it was my family's turn to try the cheesecake which they all loved as well. Three times a hit! Guess, that says a whole lot about Pellegrino's Blueberry Cheesecake.

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Check it out by calling Pellegrino's a day in advance at 0920-9277488 / 531-2199. They can also deliver via City Delivery with a minimal charge for delivery. Here's their official Facebook page.

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