Friday Favorites : Allerines Premium Tea

Let me start a new weekly series called Friday Favorites. This is when I will share one of my newest food discoveries which has eventually became a favorite of mine. It may be one or two dishes, a new or old restaurant, a grocery find or whatever that I may happen to stumble upon in the coming days, weeks and months to come.

allerines 1
To kick this off, let me share with you a secret that I've been keeping for the past 4 months. As much as I love coffee, I actually love tea more. In fact, I've been drinking tea for as long as I can remember starting with the least caffeinated ones like Chrysanthemum Tea to the rather deep and hard core ones like Pu er Tea. I take tea after a meal, when I'm sleepy, when I want to relax or pretty much whenever I feel like it. That said, my office cabinet and kitchen shelf at home are always well-stocked with boxes and cans of tea! 

Last Christmas, my colleague C gave me a pretty box filled with bags of assorted tea flavors from Allerines Premium Tea. I've never heard of Allerines before so I was really excited to give it a try. The box had a good mix of fruity combination teas, oolong and traditional green tea. I would treat myself to a glass almost after every lunch and I have to say that all were good but one particular flavor stood out -- that's the Pearfect Oolong

allerines 2
I love the catchy names of the tea which shows the amount of effort put into creating and naming each tea blend. Pearfect Oolong is a mix of pear, oolong and rose. So you can be assured that the flavor is very light with a very distinct fruity note. I loved it so much that even before I have completely consumed all of the tea bags in the box, I went online and bought myself a sampler bag of Pearfect Oolong (S$6.50)

Allerines Premium Tea has an online shop making it such a breeze to quickly make an order whenever there's a need to fill up your tea stock. Aside from the Pearfect Oolong, I also liked the African Sunrise which also has a nice fruity taste. They also got some that's more floral tasting or one that has a strong milky taste. Given their wide variety of flavors, it's highly possible for everyone to find a favorite at Allerines

There you have it! Secret has been revealed. :) 

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