In Pursuit of Happiness with I See I See in 313 Somerset, Singapore

"Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things." - Walt Disney

Lately, my positive and generally happy disposition are being put to the test by various stress factors around me and I have to admit that there are just days when I feel like I'm going to crack and allow myself to suck in the negativity. Thankfully though, I got friends and family around to remind me to keep on floating and to just let things be. It's not easy, I tell you. This week has really been a challenging one but you know what?! I am very optimistic that the weekend will bring a better vibe and the coming week will be a good one. So on the way home today, I started thinking about happiness. It's then that I was reminded of this quote above which came from the man who has brought so much happiness to millions billions of people in this world.... me included.

i see i see sg 4
Happiness is indeed a state of mind. It's really up to you whether or not you want to be happy or not. It's during times like these that I remind myself of the things that make me really happy. There's Paul, of course, as well as my family (and my dog Scottie) in Manila. I got my bestest friends who have been my support pillars for more than 20+ years. Then, I think of the things that never fail to put a smile on my face -- the beach, ice cream and basically all types of fruity desserts, a delicious plate of pasta, getting a surprise from the mail, going out on impromptu dates, sappy rom-com movies, warm hugs and kisses and more. These are just a few of my happy pill.

i see i see sg 1
Speaking of fruity desserts, I went to try out the newly opened I See I See kiosk at the basement of 313 Somerset. This is a franchise from Hong Kong and they specializes in only one thing -- delicious and totally irresistible ice pops. We went to visit on their first day of operation and luckily, we got there at a very weird time so there was no queue at all.

i see i see sg 5
There are 8 flavors available at the moment : Strawberry Hokkaido Milk, Earl Grey Pistachio, Cheesy Raspberry, Refreshing Kiwi, Straight Up Pineapple, Juicy Honeydew, Stinky Durian and Mixed Berry and Orange. Everything looked so enticing and Paul and I stood in front of the glass chiller for a good minute or so trying to choose which flavor to try.

Finally, I went for the Strawberry Hokkaido Milk (S$6.90) while he got the Straight Up Pineapple (S$5.90).

The Strawberry Hokkaido Milk, as I was told, is one of their special flavors. It's too early for them to say which ones are the best-sellers so I guess they're basing it on what has been popular in Hong Kong at the moment. You can definitely taste the sweet strawberry flavor and the creaminess of the milk was indeed present. Personally, I felt that it was way too milky for my taste and I would have preferred a fruity, Strawberry Sorbet-like ice pop instead. However, Paul thought it was the bomb! Taste is indeed very subjective. Please do give it a try and let me know what you think below. :)

As for Paul's Straight Up Pineapple, this one I really liked. I love the simplicity of this ice pop and how refreshing it was. It wasn't very sour but it does feel like biting into fresh chunks of sweet, tangy pineapple.

i see i see sg 6
We both enjoyed our first taste of I See I See's Ice Pops that we decided to go back the following week. This time, I tried the Refreshing Kiwi (S$5.90) which was yummy too! It had a strong sour note and you can really feel the tiny kiwi seeds in every bite. Not bad but I think Straight Up Pineapple is still my favorite to date.

i see i see sg 2
We still have yet to try 5 more flavors and I can't wait to go back! Perhaps I'll try the Earl Grey Pistachio (S$6.90) next time or if I'm feeling bold then I'll go with the Stinky Durian (S$7.90). What I love about I See I See is how they put so much effort on design. Look how pretty these cups that hold the ice pops are. I love the very positive and happy vibe that they give making the whole experience truly enjoyable.

Going back to my random musings about happiness, always remember that no one and I repeat, NO ONE, in this world has the right to pull you down. Work, social life, school, extra-curricular activities should only play a small aspect in your life and the moment you step inside the comfortable walls of your home, you leave all those nasty feelings and thoughts outside. What I realized is at the end of the day, you shouldn't care what other people may say (and believe me 99.9% of it is probably not true) about you. All that matters is your family and everyone else comes secondary. Cheers! ♥

Check out I See I See Handcrafted Icy Desserts at 313 Somerset, B3-46, Orchard Road, Singapore 238895. They're open daily from 11AM to 10PM. 

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