Family Getaway : Wilson's Place Tagaytay

I've probably mentioned a couple of times before how much my family in LOVESSSS Tagaytay City. Growing up, we would frequently drive up to spend a night or two here. In fact, my parents love it so much that they've been talking about investing in a small lot there to turn it into our family weekend home doubled as their mini herb garden. Well, I do hope we can make that a reality for them someday.

wilsons place 4
At the moment though, we would constantly keep ourselves updated on possible hotel accommodations in the area. Recently, I chanced upon Wilson's Place after browsing through a couple of my fellow bloggers' pages. Wilson's Place is a family home turned into a Bed & Breakfast place in Tagaytay. The location is not really so central but it's a quick drive in from the main road provided you do not get lost. We relied mostly on Waze all throughout out trip. So, during the Christmas - New Year break, we decided to head to Tagaytay with Kong Kong and A-I in tow. Coincidentally, my in laws also booked a couple of rooms at Wilson's Place on the same dates that we were there so it was really one fun vacation as both Paul and I got both our families together!

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Now, let me just tell you that Wilson's Place is a home turned vacation house so do not expect hotel-like amenities or services. The place is really big making it a good option for huge families or for groups of friends. Even company team-building activities may be done here given the nice garden, spacious living room and a nice swimming pool.

Let me take you on a tour around the house:

wilsons place 10
There are three types of rooms available: Regular Room (good for 2-3 pax), Petite Room (good for 2 pax) and Family Room (good for 4 pax). Since we went during the peak season, we managed to only get 4 Petite Rooms which were all located at the second floor of the house. Note that there's no room at the Ground Floor and the other rooms are located outside the main house.

If you're travelling with elderly, I suggest getting the rooms outside as the staircase is quite steep. I initially requested for a room that has better access for Kong Kong but seeing that his room is separate from all of us, he opted to slowly climb the stairs and occupied the available regular room that's right beside mine and Paul's. Lesson learned, we should make sure to all get the rooms outside to make it easier for Kong Kong next time.

wilsons place 13
The rooms are generally clean however most of it have this weird musty (kulob) smell. I think it's either it hasn't been cleaned regularly, the furniture pieces are old or the sheets were not changed. Luckily, my parents' room was the most decent of all else Papa might not be too happy about it. They got the Purple-themed room which I think was pretty. The only drawback was that their TV was spoiled so one less entertainment option.

wilsons place 15
Pan and Elton's room was the best and the prettiest! They got the one farthest from all of us but it has a nice neural-colored theme which makes the room clean and new. I'm glad they got this as it's their first Christmas as newlyweds so they truly deserve the best.

wilsons place 12
Kong Kong's room was bigger as he got the Regular-sized room. I'm happy he got this as the extra space made it easier for him to move around.

Among all the 4 rooms that we got, I have to say that the one that Paul and I got must have been the worst. First of all, the room has this will bad smell that even after lighting a candle, the odor was still there. To make things worst, the staff offered to spray some deodorizer which made us feel like throwing up because it made the room smell even worst. Secondly, there were ants all over the bathroom and I think I spent the first 5 minutes of my bath time spraying water all over. I ended up cleaning our toilet just to eradicate those ants. Thirdly, since our room's color theme was lemony yellow, our curtains were yellow too. So we were one of the first to wake up as soon as the sun rose as it quickly brightened up the entire room. Needless to say, we were two very grumpy and sleepy guests the following day.

wilsons place 11
Since we were up early, we decided to check if breakfast is ready. Thankfully, breakfast service starts early so we joined my SIL and her family in one table. Breakfast at Wilson's Place is quite incredible. It's not a buffet spread but the food just kept coming and the servers willingly would accommodate random food requests provided they have that available in the kitchen. For instance, my brother-in-law E wanted some oatmeal which they surprisingly have.

Here are some of the dishes served to us:

wilsons place 8
Beef Tapa (Steak) 

wilsons place 9
Pork Longganisa (Sausage) 

wilsons place 5
Ensaladang Manga at Kamatis 

wilsons place 6
Tawilis -- which is a Tagaytay specialty! 

wilsons place 7
Chicken Sandwich -- so old school but it was pretty good 

They also served us plates of garlic rice, fried egg and some fruit salad with yogurt. I have to say that the breakfast selection was pretty good and this is the only thing I'd be raving about Wilson's Place for now.

wilsons place 2
There were boxes of board games available for guests to play and a piano too. The two families sat around the living room after breakfast chit-chatting while watching the kids play in the pool. Speaking of the pool, oh boy, this really made my niece and nephews so happy! I think they love Wilson's Place simply because of the nice swimming pool.

I have to say that room-wise, I won't probably return anymore but taking the food and the superb hospitable service that we got from the staff, I'll probably give it another chance. I hope they'll improve on their room standards and cleanliness most of all.

Room rates:
Petite Rooms : Php. 5,000++
Regular Rooms: Php. 5,500++
Family Rooms: Php. 8,500++

Check out Wilson's Place at Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay City. Email to make a reservation. 

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