Prost! : German Feast at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore #paulanersg

One thing that I'm quite amazed about Singapore is the presence of microbreweries all around the city. It's quite interesting to walk into a restaurant-bar and see huge bronze colored boilers which houses the different types of beers being brewed in-house. You can never get anything more authentic than that.

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Paulaner Brauhaus is one of the oldest microbreweries in Singapore as it's actually on its 18th year today. That said, I was so excited to walk into Paulaner Brauhaus' newly renovated outlet at Millenia Walk for a nice long lunch one afternoon in the Lion City. While beer is totally a big no-no for preggy ladies, I was so happy to see that they have a very extensive food menus that I could enjoy.

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Our meal began with the Obazda with Pretzel (S$16.90) which comes with a piece of freshly baked Munich-style pretzel which the Chef makes in-house together with a jar of Obazda-- a Bavarian cheese spread made with butter, Camembert cheese, spices and fried onions. I love anything with cheese! However, what won my heart that day was the warm, freshly baked pretzel which has a perfect kick of salty flavor. It's so good that I wouldn't mind ordering a bag of pretzel to enjoy at home for days.

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My lunch companions also tried the Paulaner Trio Fish (S$15.90) which I had to skip as this is not very preggy-friendly. I'd definitely have this after giving birth though as it looks so good and it's the type of starter that I'd normally go for. This comes in three types of spreads -- smoked salmon with cream cheese, herring salad with apple and red radish salad with smoked trout fillet. You can enjoy this with a slice of homemade bread or why don't you order the Pretzel tree (S$13.90) which has four freshly baked pretzel on a tree-like stand.

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Moving to our mains, we had the star of the meal -- Pork Knuckle (S$31.90). Born in the Philippines, I'm definitely no stranger to crispy, deep-fried pork knuckles as this is a popular dish in most Filipino meals. However, the German version is marinated in a Bavarian spice blend, brushed with Paulaner's very own beer and oven-roasted for more than 2 hours. It's the perfect beer match, if you ask me. Of course, it comes with some homemade sauerkraut which is like the Asian achar/atchara and the semmelknodel which I love love love!! It's a traditional German bread dumpling which makes this a complete meal on its own. I love carbs, there's no denying there and the semmelknodel reminds me of the Italian gnocchi which I'm so crazy about too only it looks like a meatball than tiny bite sized dumplings.

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We also had the Currywurst (S$12.90) which I skipped this time around save for the crunchy fries which was so yummy. This is also a very traditional German snack where you get a meaty piece of smoked pork sauce dusted with curry powder and covered in curred tomato-chilli sauce. I love dipping the fries in to the sauce too!

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Since my current diet restriction is not allowing me to fully enjoy all the dishes prepared, I got a bonus dish that day! The Spatzle (S$6.90) is a Bavarian style egg noodles which is like their equivalent of a pasta. I liked this a lot and I enjoyed this with the Pork Knuckles that day. The best way to enjoy this to scoop a generous portion up and enjoy this with the other dishes. Come to think of it, this noodle dish is very tasty on its own that you can also have this as a starter.

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It was such a delightful long lunch that I pretty much lost track of time. After all, we were in for more treats! Dessert came in two mouth-watering dishes that I couldn't actually decide which one I prefer more than the other.

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The first was the Apple Beignets (S$14.90) which are deep-fried apple rings that's dusted in sugar and cinnamon. It's served with vanilla ice cream and sauce. It's like biting into a fluffy donut that tastes like apple pie. Do I make sense? I love how it wasn't too sweet making it a great way to end a delicious meal.

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Another dessert option that you just have to try is the Kaiserschmarrn (S$14.90) which is a pot of German-style pancakes. Unlike your usual pancakes which are flat and round, this one looks more like a bread pudding minus the cream. It's served with red berry compote, apple compote and vanilla ice cream on the side. We were so full from lunch that this was a more filling dessert as compared to the Apple Beignets. In fact, I can definitely have this as a snack on its own.

Wow! I never really thought I can walk out of a microbrewery feeling so satisfied! Given that I'm no beer drinker, I am so happy that Paulaner Brauhaus made sure that they also have an impressive food menu too. In fact, they also have a Sunday Brunch buffet where adults and kids can enjoy! For only S$58 (with soda), $ 68 (with beer and soda) or S$78 (wine/beer/soda), patrons can enjoy a good variety of Paulaner's food specialties. While the adults fill their tummies, the kids are treated to a bunch of activities to keep them busy.

Check out Paulanaer Brauhaus at 9 Raffles Boulevard, 01/02/03-01, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596. This restaurant faces the Suntec Convention Centre which I think would make it much easier to locate. Call them at +65-6883 2572. 

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