#FrannyCooks : Baked Pesto Chicken by Magnolia Chicken

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Finally, all our boxes from Singapore are now here in Manila and it means we have our precious kitchen utensils, pots and pans back with us as well as a lot more items that used to fill up our home in the Lion City. I'm so glad that most of our items except for one bottle of tomato sauce that burst in transit and our plastic dish rack which got brutally cracked all survived the sea travel.

magnolia chicken 1
As we're finally at the tail end of unpacking out things, Paul and I are also back at the kitchen this time with a bigger audience -- my family. If you noticed, I've been cooking a lot of seafood and pasta dishes for the past years and aside from the fact that I am a huge seafood and pasta fan, these are also the two types of ingredients I am most comfortable with. I know though that in order to expand my cooking knowledge, I have to be brave enough to do more. With that, here's my first chicken dish as I recently received a couple of plump-looking frozen whole chickens from Magnolia Chicken.

Of course, I shall not conquer this kitchen feat alone. I got my very own knight in a shining armor to help me. Together, we created our very own Baked Pesto Chicken which the family loved! We used one whole chicken and actually thought we'd have so much to cover two meals but both baking dishes were wiped clean at the end of the meal. Hooray!

Here's sharing the recipes with all of you:

What you'll need

magnolia chicken 3

1 Magnolia Whole Chicken, cut into pieces
2 whole lemons
1/2 bottle of pesto sauce (you may opt to make your own but the bottled kind works just fine)
1 whole garlic, remove the skin and keep the cloves
dried rosemary leaves
olive oil

What to do :

magnolia chicken 2

1) Marinate the chicken by rubbing a generous amount of pepper, rosemary and salt. Add in the garlic as well. Massage the chicken and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
2) Transfer the chicken into a baking dish and make sure they all cover one layer. No overlapping please to ensure a more even baking.

magnolia chicken 4

3) Spread pesto sauce over the chicken and topped with sliced lemons.
4) Drizzle with olive oil.
5) Baked in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees for one hour. Check back at 30 minutes and adjust your baking time if needed.

What I noticed was the chicken was so tender after baking! The meat was literally falling off the bone and since it's covered in pesto and lemon sauce, each bite was so tasty. It was our first time to try this as we just put together this recipe based on a variety of other baked chicken recipes that we've read and we're so happy that it turned out well.

One thing I noticed about Magnolia Chicken is that it doesn't have this weird funky, raw meat smell which gives me this indication of how fresh and well-cleaned the chicken was. Trust me, with my preggy hormones going all crazy, any slight hint of pungent smell can really turn my stomach upside down. I'm also so happy to learn that Magnolia Chicken ensures that their chickens are free from hormones, antibiotic residues and steroids making it safe for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Check out this video to know more about our #PambansangManok:

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