Korean Food Festival at Marriott Cafe, Manila Marriott Hotel

When it comes to hotel buffet restaurants, Marriott Cafe continues to stay at the top of our list ever since we first dined there back in 2010. Since then, we've frequent Marriott Cafe to celebrate various milestones or whenever the craving for good buffet food hits. Even when we relocated to Singapore, I remembered dining at Marriott Cafe for our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

I guess, one reason that makes us want to keep going back to Marriott Cafe is the good variety of dishes available all the time. Also, they always keep a conscious effort to keep on changing their menu making it so exciting to dine there every single time. Take this July for instance, it's all about greeting Annyeong-haseyo as they're currently running a delicious Korean Food Festival from the 11th of July up until the 31st. 

marriott cafe korean 2
Be ready to satisfy your oppa-tite (hehe sorry I can't help it!) as they even flew in 4 Korean guests chefs so you can be assured that all the dishes offered are as authentic as it can be. Before we went to check out the buffet, we got to take a peek inside Marriott Cafe's kitchen and boy was I so surprised to see the size of it! It was HUGE and very very clean. We were treated to a short cooking demonstration by the 4 guests chefs allowing us to even better appreciate the dishes that we will soon be enjoying outside. 

Here are some of the dishes that you have to watch out for: 

marriott cafe korean 10
Haemul Pajeon : Seafood and Vegetable Pancake 
I remembered having this also at Marriott Cafe two years ago and I must say that this version was definitely much better and tastier than the last. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the old version but the upgraded one was totally out of this world delicious! Served with their sesame-vinegar dipping sauce, I was so happy to visit the Pajeon station first and have this as my starter. 

marriott cafe korean 4
Korean Fried Chicken 
The happiest, yummiest KFC in the land! We all love Korean Fried Chicken and this one was really good! It has a well-balanced flavor of sweet and salty making it truly addicting. In fact, this was one of our common favorites in the buffet line-up. 

marriott cafe korean 5
No Korean feast will ever be complete without this traditional vermicelli noodles with veggie strips. 

marriott cafe korean 8
I love how they have set up a bibimbap station where you can customize your rice bowl from the amount of rice to the types of toppings you want in it and if you want to have it with some runny sunny-side-up then the Chef will prepare one for you on the spot. 

marriott cafe korean 11
Korean Barbecued Meats
Over at the grilling station, there's the Yang Nyeom Salchisal Gui (marinated grilled beef) and the Yangnyeom Dak Gui (grilled chicken with spicy sauce). Both were equally so good and juicy. I had this with half a bowl of bibimbap and truly enjoyed it very much. 

marriott cafe korean 6
Beef Bulgogi 
Here's another winning dish! Thinly-sliced beef strips that's super tender and cooked in a really deliciously sweet Korean broth. I got this on my first round and I somehow ended up adding this all my succeeding plates right after.

marriott cafe korean 1
Korean Cakes
I was so full after enjoying all these dishes but Paul just had to try the different Korean cakes that were available. There's the Nokcha Karu, Korean Red Bean Creme Brulee, Saeng Cream Cake, Nokcha Creme Brulee and Korean Red Bean Opera. Nokcha, apparentlly, is green tea in Korean and the flavor profile is very similar to the Japanese Matcha. Paul loved the Saeng Cream Cake, which is a light chiffon cake layered with sweet slices of mangoes. You can't definitely go wrong with mangoes here in the Philippines.

On top of all these must-try Korean specialties, Marriott Cafe has its signature masterpieces which you shouldn't miss too. There's the grilled seafood station, a wide array of salads, their freshly cooked ebi tempura and of course, my personal favorite, their homemade ice cream. It's always a delight dining at Marriott Cafe and I'm so happy that we got to go back after being away from Manila all these years.

Buffet rates:
Monday to Saturday Lunch: Php. 1,900 nett
Sunday to Thursday Dinner: Php. 2,100 nett
Friday - Saturday Dinner: Php. 2,500 nett
Sunday brunch: Php. 2,500 nett

*photos by Paul Ang

Visit Marriott Cafe at the Ground Floor, Manila Marriott Hotel, 10 Newport Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila. Call them at +63-2-988-9990 to make a reservation. 

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