Celebrating National Fries Day with Potato Corner's Pizza Supreme


Today is National Fries Day and our favorite local potato brand has recently launched a new flavor to add to their already mouthwatering line-up! Last week, Paul and I caught Spider-Man : Homecoming on its 2nd day of showing at the new Venice Grand Canal cinema. It was our first movie date after coming home from the Lion City and boy, were we so excited! After all, it has been months since we last went out to watch a movie as we both got so hooked with Netflix.

potato corner pizza 1
We got to Venice Grand Canal really early prior to our screening time and allowing us to roam around the mall. As we got to the cinema area, we were greeted by this familiar sign. It's Potato Corner! Apparently, some of the company-owned Potato Corner stalls have also partnered with Nacho Bimby which specializes in... nachos. Well, it makes a lot of sense to me. Fries and nachos, definitely the best cinema grub to have, don't you agree? I was so excited to have Potato Corner again as it has probably been 4 years since my last bucket of fries. How I wish they'd open a stall in Singapore too.

potato corner pizza 2
Anyway, we were given a sneak peek of their newest flavor -- Pizza Supreme. I guess this is perfect for all those who just loves dipping their fries in ketchup as it has a sweet and slightly tangy tomato flavor. In fact, this reminds me of the Pik-Nik Ketchup Fries that we grew up loving. I got to admit that I failed to detect the "pizza-like" flavor on my first taste but it was pretty good that I actually ended up finishing this tub and leaving the other one with our staple sour cream - barbecue fries with Paul.

potato corner pizza 4
What better way to celebrate National Fries Day than with a tub of your favorite Potato Corner fries! Go ahead, try it and tell me below what you think. :)

Ps: The movie was amazing, by the way! It's one of the best Spider-Man movies that I've watched in my opinion. 

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