Paul & Fran : Seven - Eleven - Ten

Here we are again celebrating another milestone in our lives. 7 years ago on this very same day, I officially (and legally) became Paul's wife. Funny thing was, the number seven seems to play a very important part in our lives.

frannywanny wedding
7 years of dating before we got married and now, 7 years of being husband and wife before we are about to start a new chapter in our lives where we will soon be welcoming our very own babies. A lot of things can happen in the span of a year.. what more in 7 years?

frannywanny wedding
In the past 7 years, we've migrated to a new country and together we've adjusted to a new independent life. We both fell, picked each other up and moved on hand in hand. We've seen friends come and go. We've celebrated successes and triumphs. I can go on and on to tell you how our 7 years went but that would just be way too long for a blog post.

paul and fran
A lot of things have changed. Aside from Paul's shrinking waistline (I love you Hunnie! hehe) and my growing belly at the moment, we've both matured and became, what we hope, are better versions of ourselves. One thing stayed constant though, despite all these changes, it has always and forever been Paul & Fran.

paul and fran
Paul has been my rock for the past 14 years. He has never ever left my side. I honestly can't imagine life without him and the mere thought of it scares me greatly. I've been so used to having friends and family call us "Paul and Fran" just the same way Romeo will always be tagged next to Juliet. That's just how life has been for us and I really like it to stay that way...forever.

As we embark in a new journey, the thought of entering motherhood can sometimes sound scary but somehow, I am comforted by the fact that we are doing all these together. I know for a fact that my twins are just so lucky to have Paul as their Daddy. He'll be an amazing dad the same way he has been an amazing husband to me.

So, putting all my fears and hesitations aside, I'm looking forward to more years of marital bliss and crazy parenthood experiences with Paul by my side.

Happy Anniversary to us, Hun! ILY!

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