Franny Mommy Favorites : Little Bondi Accessories

I've always wanted to have a little girl.

I guess it's because I grew up without a brother and even my extended family has more females than males. Perhaps, it's because I've always dreamt of dressing my little girl up, going twinning with her and someday, we would go shopping and have our mani/pedi sessions together. My prayers were indeed answered as L was given to me along with her twin brother J. I'm truly grateful. ♥

little bondi 4
From the time my twins were born, I really enjoy dressing them up. Making them go matchy matchy regardless if it's the same design or even with the color of their onesies. L, in particular has shown so much happiness and appreciation for all things beautiful. She's the type of baby who enjoys dressing up and when we would take her ribbon or headband out, she'd start to complain.

little bondi 1
So, when I got a surprise package from Little Bondi one rainy afternooon, I excitedly brought it up for L to see. As expected, her big round eyes brightened as soon as I opened the package and revealed the contents inside. She got new headbands again and I love how pretty they were! One thing that I noticed is the band. It's made out of very soft elastic band that surely won't hurt her fragile scalp. I also love how the designs are simple yet classy. It matches L's girly-girl personality.

little bondi 5
"Ready for my close-up, Mama!"
I tried all designs on her and I love the thin bow the best. What do you think? I think she's loving her look too. Oh this girl will truly make lots of hearts melt someday.

little bondi 3
Aside from L, I got a surprise treat too! Another Multi-Purpose Cover (Php. 990) to use when we go out. I can never have enough nursing covers, this is my 3rd and I love them all. I use them a lot like when I'm out with the twins or even when I have to pump in the car or in public. One thing that I love about Little Bondi's cover is its stretchy fabric. It fits snugly to your body allowing full coverage while you nurse your little one. I noticed though that it's slightly on the thick side so I have to make sure that I nurse my twins in an air-conditioned room or they might feel warm underneath the cover. It actually is a multi-use cover where it can also act as a high chair cover, a shopping cart cover and even a dirt protector for your car basket.

little bondi 2
Given the growing number of things that we carry with out whenever we take the twins out, I truly appreciate those that allow multiple uses a lot.

I'm currently busy browsing through Little Bondi's catalog and perhaps it's time to add more cute ribbons to L's growing collection.

Check out Little Bondi on Instagram or call them at 0917-5211027 and order now!

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