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It's no secret that I am a big foodie traveler. This is also one of the reasons why came about. For the past decade, I've been sharing with you my travel adventures which leans mostly on the restaurants and food hops that Paul and I would come across in whatever destination we'd be in. I also got to admit that I am also a luxury traveler. By that, I mean I tend to be very picky when it comes to my choice of airline, hotel and mode of transportation. Comfort is always my top priority. After all, we travel to recharge and feel rejuvenated right?

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Singapore Airlines has been my top choice of airlines since I used to shuttle back and forth Singapore and Manila for four years. I realized that the cost of flying via Singapore Airlines is not that far from our local budget airline and if this means getting an extra legroom, bigger seats, a hot delicious meal and a wide selection of in-flight entertainment as I fly to and from Singapore, then I'm totally for it. I somehow feel that my vacation starts the moment I step into the beautiful aircraft and is warmly welcomed by their friendly flight staff.

My best memory flying Singapore Airlines was exactly a year ago. It was our last flight to Manila from Singapore and I was already pregnant with my twins. Aside from giving me that extra legroom by letting us occupy the front row seats, they also surprised me with a delicious birthday cake and complimentary plushies for my twins. We also purchased Business Class tickets then so I got to try their Book the Cook program and I loved the Steamed Cod Fish that was served to me as well as the free-flowing freshly warmed bread too. That experience was definitely one for the books.

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Given the numerous routes that they have available, Singapore Airlines can take you on an amazing food trip all over the region.

328 Katong Laksa 2
Fly to Singapore and while you say hello to the friendly Merlion, be sure to fill your tummy with the best bowl of Laksa found along East Coast Road, a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice or go seafood crazy at my favorite go-to place, Mellben's Signature.

skybar kl 10
If you want to see the Petronas Towers, then hop to Malaysia and be sure to check out Jalan Alor at night for their mouthwatering satay, char kway teow and more. Oh, don't forget to check out Nando's Peri Peri too!

If you want things fiery and spicy, then Bangkok is the best food destination for you. I remembered how I was literally drowning myself with Thai Milk Tea as my tongue was forever on fire with all the spicy curries and chilies that we had during our short trip. Nonetheless, don't leave Bangkok without having their Pad Thai, Green Curry Chicken and take home lots of chips as pasalubong with you.

ibu oka bali 7
For those who yearn for the beach (given that our beautiful Boracay is still close to the public *sigh*), I'd say, head over to Bali, Indonesia for that much needed R&R. I have yet to tell you more about my Bali adventures but I sure had a lot of fun trying all the nice cafes for brunch and of course, don't forget to look for the best Babi Guling too.

Aside from their Southeast Asia routes, they also fly to Osaka, Japan as well as to Perth, Australia which is our next dream destinations. Any food suggestions that we have to take note of there?

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Anyways, I was so happy when I received this special woven bag from Singapore Airlines which contains some of the best yummy things for the destinations that I've mentioned above. My favorite are those two boxes of instant mixes for Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice! Woohoo! I really miss Singapore food the most.

It's time to start planning your next food trip and make the most of Singapore Airlines' latest promotion which will run from July 9 - 15, 2018. Enjoy the best fares featuring their 787-10 Dreamliner destinations with fares from Manila to Singapore from USD 169, Bangkok from USD 235, Kuala Lumpur from USD 234, Bali from USD 265, Osaka from USD 448 and Perth from USD 595.

Download the SingaporeAir mobile app or visit their official website to book today. 

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