Boarcher Cebu Lechon is now in Manila

There's a new kid in town and I'm pretty sure you'll like "him" very much. After all... who says no to Lechon?

Aside from the ever popular Adobo which is probably the dish that's synonymous to Filipino cooking, Lechon remains to be one that never fails to make every Filipino and non-Filipino's heart skip a beat. From the shiny, mouth-watering crunchy skin down to its fragrant and tender meat, I remember making several visits with my local colleagues and friends to this famous Cebu Lechon stall in Paya Lebar in Singapore whenever they'd ask me to take them to try a Filipino dish.

boarcher lechon 1
In fact, there are several versions of lechon all over the country. Some would serve it with sarsa (sauce), others would stuff it with aromatic tanglad (lemongrass), my talented friend D has her classy Lechon with Truffle Rice inside and well in Cebu, it's serve just as it is. The meat has a hint of salt and the skin slightly thick with a layer of fat underneath and the best way to enjoy this is to simply have it with rice. Even the late Anthony Bourdain proclaimed Cebu lechon to be the "best pig ever."

So, imagine the excitement that we had here at home when we got two cute wooden plates of lechon from Boarcher Lechon. Hailing from the Queen City of the South, Cebu, Boarcher Lechon is finally here in Manila and they're ready to delivery freshly roasted native lechon straight to your doorstep.

boarcher lechon price list
Check out their price list, they can cater to your party regardless if you're a group of 7 or 70 pax. I feel that the price is very reasonable. Can you imagine catering to 70 pax for a lechon that's less than Php. 10,000?

boarcher lechon 2
Taste-wise, I loved it! Well, I've always been a fan of Cebu Lechon as I don't like adding any more sarsa to my pork so this works so well for me. True to form, the meat has a nice hint of salt and the skin stayed really crunchy even after it was delivered to us and it sat on the table while we prepared the other viands too. It got everyone's approval too. Looks like we will be making our next order very soon!

I still remembered how I once had to fly in a lechon all the way from Davao (haha, I know!). This is also commonly done by people who travels to Cebu or they'd also order straight from Cebu and would have their lechon shipped to Manila too. Now, Boarcher Lechon is here ready to serve you authentic Cebu Lechon that's roasted here in Manila. You're assured of getting good quality, fresh from the pit lechon all the time.

Call Boarcher Lechon at +63-9274978343 / +63-9088607196. Visit their official website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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