#FrannyCooks : Cheezy Corned Beef Lumpia with Delimondo

This year, I got to play queen for two special occasions -- my birthday and Mother's Day. I swear, I was so thrilled by all the surprise gifts that came my way. Delimondo, one of my favorite corned beef brand, made Mother's Day extra memorable for me with their special delivery. Back when I was residing in Singapore, Paul and I would make it a point to fill at least 20% of our luggage with cans of Delimondo Garlic and Chili Corned Beef. It's the yummiest and easiest thing to have when we're in a rush and we don't have time to prepare our baon or dinner. I normally would even cook this with more garlic to make it more aromatic. Of course, it's either I have it with macaroni as how Mommy taught me or a piping hot bowl of rice.

delimondo 1
This time, we got their newest variants -- Delimondo Caldereta Corned Beef and their Sweet and Spicy Luncheon Meat.

I got to admit that this is me taking a step outside my comfort zone as I'm just so used to their original flavor. However, a little change is always good so I was equally excited to give these two products a try.

delimondo 4
So, one afternoon I decided to pull Paul and Pan to help me prepare dinner. I initially wanted to do something like the traditional Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage Spring Rolls but since we were out of cabbage, I had to improvise. That said, let me share with you my recipe for the Cheezy Corned Beef Lumpia. Very Filipino, and I'd say the mere thought of it sounds good already.

delimondo 2
What you'll need:
- (1) can of Delimondo Caldereta Corned Beef
- (1) pack of lumpia wrapper (approximately 20 pieces)
- (1) block of Quickmelt cheese
- Sriracha Chili Sauce
- Japanese mayonnaise
- 1/2 cup water for sealing

What to do:
1) Prepare your assembly line:
- lumpia wrapper
- add a teaspoon of corned beef and half an inch of cheese at the bottom center of the wrapper.
- wrap it carefully
- seal with water
2) Heat up a cup of cooking oil and deep-fry each lumpia until it turns golden brown
3) Strain the excess oil away. One alternative is to use those oil blotting papers from Daiso. It works like magic!
4) Prepare the sauce: mix together 2 tbsp of sriracha and 2 tbsp of Japanese mayonnaise.
5) Enjoy!

delimondo 5
It was my first time to try this and I honestly wasn't sure of the outcome. I'm happy to share that my family loved it that the plate was spotless clean after dinner. It was so easy to prepare and would make a great baon option for the little one as well. Perhaps just replace the Sriracha mayo with just plain Japanese mayo.

Note: The Delimondo Caldereta Corned Beef is only available via the Delimondo online store. Hopefully they'll sell in major supermarkets till then, please click here

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